Since about January or February, we've been having ear issues at our house.  Both boys had double ear infections that would not quit.  They each had snotty noses, Jonas had lots of eye boogies, and Mauricio could smell the infections in their ears.  Isn't that amazing... he can SMELL it!  It's like his super power... detecting infections with his super human sniffing abilities!  In fact, most of the times that's how we know they have infections to begin with.  Mauricio will tell me their ears stink, I make an appointment and sure enough... ear infection!

My kids have never shown symptoms of being in discomfort or sick.  I don't get ear pulling, crankiness, clinginess, fever... nothing.  Occastionally we have a runny nose, but that's it.  There is really NO way for me to know if they are infected or not.  The ONLY time Marco has ever acted sick was when he had the stomach bug.  I must admit, I liked the clinginess a little... because I never get that from him!

So, they were each on a round of antibiotics... we went back to the doctor to get checked, where we learned it still wasn't cleared, and given another round of antibiotics. This routine happened 3 times.  Jonas had 3 rounds in a row and Marco had 4.  I mean, I'm not surprised that they kept passing the infection back and forth... really, Marco and Jonas french kiss each other a million times a day!  It was quite gross when they both had boogies running down their noses... they were like slurping up each other's germs... ewwwww!  I could try to contain it, but it was so hard!

About 2 weeks ago, we went to the pediatrician yet again to have a look at the ears.  I swear, we should just rent a room permanently at the pediatricians office... it's always something or another... it's one kid or the other.  So, she has a look and Jonas is cleared!  Woohooooo!  Marco, however, was not.  Boooo.  Another round of antibiotics for Marco... this was his 4th.  And then the dreaded speech came... it may be time to consider putting in tubes for Marco.  Oh no!

Today we went to see the ENT who would be doing the procedure if we agree to have it done.  He basically said that it's a quick procedure, about 15 minutes.  They give anestesia through a mask, so they have no need to inject or even put in an IV.  They would then put little tubes in the ears, sitting on the ear drums, that in essence allows the ear infection to have an escape route.  The tubes would fall out on their own in 1-2 years.

The amazing thing is that by the very next day, he should be back to normal.  He can even go swimming!  He said that given Marco's age, there should be no worries about going in the pool, because he wont be dunking or diving... at most it'll just splash, which is no problem at all.

So, I have talked to a few moms who have had the procedure done on their kids and so far I've heard nothing but positive things.  One of my student's mom says that once her daughter had it done, she has never had to go on antibiotics again for an ear infection!  And my sister-in-law, Bea, said that it was easy like 1-2-3 and nothing to be worried about.

Since I've grown up my whole life on one medication after another due to my various illnesses, I'm over it.  I do not want my children to be on medication... if it's absolutely necessary, then fine, but one round after another after another is not ok with me.  If I can find a permanent or semi-permanent solution that does not involve pumping my child's body with chemicals everyday, then I'll do it.  I think the risk of being on medication is far greater than the risk of having a procedure.

As you can see, I'm convinced.  The doctor said we can have it done by next week if we wanted.  I just have to talk it over with Daddy-o before we make our final decision.

If you've had to put your child through this, I'd love to hear your feedback!  Was it a positive or negative experience?  Anything I need to watch out for or question?  I need the advice of moms who've been there!  Please leave me a comment or you can email me at  Thanks!


Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole !!!!!
What an amazing speech at this ear!! as I am the mother of adults, this phase has passed (a while) haha, but I found it very interesting and I think we should avoid antibiotics as much as possible, they cause damage to our body ... that we already know, but if you want my opinion? ?? Do not delay! run and go do! if I had had that option in my season, my sons would not have suffered so many taking antibiotics !!!!!!!!

Unpolished Parenting said...

Tubes have been such a blessing for us - although we are still using Zyrtec to help with allergies, but at least she's not constantly on a new antibiotic every month to get rid of the ear infection. Hope you can get it done asap! And it was way harder to have to leave Beaner for the 10 minute procedure than the recovery. Keep me posted!