Opened Doors

Whenever I've had a big decision to make, my prayer has always been the same: God, if it's for me and if it's the best thing for me, make it happen.  If it isn't, then close that door and don't even allow it to be an option.  I have never prayed for God to make something specific happen, because I truly believe with all my heart that His plans are far greater than any of our plans.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

Before I graduated from college, I was toying with the idea of heading off to grad school in New York to pursue my opera career.  I had an audition (round 2) at the Manhattan School of Music.  Very prestigious.  But I had been in this really great relationship for about a year and I knew in my heart of hearts that if I moved, that relationship would fall apart.  I begged God to show me which door to walk through.  When I stepped off the plane in NYC for my audition, the cold air hit me square in the face and within an hour of arriving I had completely lost my voice.  How was I supposed to have an opera audition with no voice?  This was a CLEAR message from God that NYC was not the place for me.  And I'm so happy I listened to him and walked through that door... that boy I was dating became my husband, my best friend and the father to my children.

When I was a recent college grad, I had another decision to make.  I could stay in Miami and get a job or try to move to Orlando.  Mauricio had just decided to attend school in Orlando, and again I feared that a long distance relationship would be detrimental.  But I couldn't just go to Orlando and live with nothing to do... I had to find a job.  I gave myself 3 days.  I told myself that God was the ultimate provider and if I was meant to live in Orlando and follow Mauricio, that He would make it happen.  I went to Orlando for 3 days to try and find a job... if I didn't succeed then that was God closing that door.  I went and received 3 job offers in that time and decided to take one.  I packed up my bags and moved to Orlando, trusting completely that it was in God's will for me.  And I'm so happy I did... my relationship grew in strength, I met some wonderful people who are still my closest friends, and I rededicated my life to Jesus and began to act like the Christian I always claimed to be.  I fell in love with Jesus in Orlando.

When Mau and I had been married for a year, we began having that baby itch.  But, with Mau out of work, it was impossible to start a family.  Then one day out of the blue, Carol called and told Mau that her husbands company was hiring and would put in a good word for him.  Only problem was that the job was in Greenville, SC.  Well, we had to trust the Lord and walk through the doors that He opened.  We knew we wanted babies, and if moving the Greenville was the only way to get them, then we'd move.  And we did.  Do you know, the SAME day Mauricio started working in Greenville I got a positive pregnancy test!  I was pregnant with Marco.  That's God!  And I'm so happy we listened and moved to Greenville... I was able to stay home and take care of my baby, and then God blessed us with a second baby!

Now, since we moved to Greenville, our family has been whining and complaining about how far we live.  And I know, it is far.  So, since coming here, our prayer has been the same... lead us where we should go.  For two and a half years we heard nothing.  But now we have.  God opened up this door for us to be able to move back to Miami.

I have all these doubts and worries about moving back.  What will my life look like?  Will I be able to afford to remain a SAHM?  Will my family drive me bonkers?  I even started thinking that maybe this wasn't from God.  Maybe it was our will, or better yet, our parents' will, but not God's.  But then I had reassurance... Adele told me something great, "All good things come from God".  If this wasn't from God, it wouldn't have been laid out before us so perfectly.  Mauricio wouldn't have gotten the job.  He wouldn't have been made a generous offer.  We wouldn't have had 3 showings TODAY to show our apartment and be released from our lease agreement.  God is taking care of every.single.little.step.  Why do I doubt?

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."  Romans 8:28

So, here we go.  Walking into the unknown.  But, the door was opened by God.  So whatever lays beyond it is from Him and for us.  As long as we keep praying to Him, seeking His will and obeying, how can we ever be lead astray?