Seriously?! Thursday!

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Seriously?!  These terrible two's are, seriously, TERRIBLE!  I can't believe we're only 3 months into it.  And from what I hear, three's are even worse.  The other day I screamed at Marco, "I can't wait till you're FOUR!!!"  Oh boy, I seriously need patience and some tips, so if you've got any please let me know.

Seriously?!  Sometimes I feel like a broken record.  "Eat your breakfast... Eat your breakfast... EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!!!" "Don't touch that... Don't touch that... DON'T TOUCH THAT!!!" "Get in the car... Get in the car... GET IN THE CAR!!!".  It isn't until I scream that action takes place.  I don't want to have to scream but it's like his ears don't work unless I'm at maximum volume.  Seriously annoying!

Seriously?!  Jonas is being the sweetest, kindest, cutest baby EVA.  Sorry other Mama bloggers... you ain't got nothin' on my Jonas... seriously.  Thankfully he's gotten easier while Marco's gotten harder.  I'm really enjoying him these days.

Seriously?!  Remember all that reunion dramaz?  Well, turns out I can't go to the reunion even if I had wanted to.  Mauricio's grandparents are going to Orlando from Brazil that weekend and we're gonna go visit them.  They have never met the kids and we have no plans to see them in the near future, so we've gotta go this time.  Umm, so looks like I stirred that pot for nothing... oops.  

Seriously?!  We've been living with the in-laws for over a month now.  And so far, it's been great!  I was really worried that living with them would put a strain on my marriage and on my relationships with them, but it hasn't.  In fact, it's been seriously awesome having the extra hands around, sharing meals, watching tv together and just hanging out.  I keep thinking that once we leave, I'm gonna feel lonely and miss my mother-in-law.  

Seriously?!  We went to Fogo De Chao the other day for dinner.  It's an all you can eat Brazilian steak house.  Seriously, YUMMMM.  But, of course I passed it and ate WAY too much.  So much in fact, that Mauricio had to unzip my dress for the ride home... just for breathing purposes... pervs! 

Seriously?!  Next weekend is Jonas' birthday party!  Yes, my last baby is turning ONE.  That seriously means I will never have another baby-baby.  But, the birthday party... I changed the theme from picnic to monsters because I found a cute monster theme at Target with all the supplies... table cloth, banner, goodie bags, cups, plates, napkins, etc.  So, I got it.  But I seriously still want it to be even cuter with DIY details.  Problem is, I am seriously the least crafty person you have EVER met... not even kidding.  I suck at all things crafty.  So, I see all these cute ideas, then I think I can do it, but I come to the realization that "who am I kidding, of course I can't".  But I am determined to add a few cute monster details to this party!

Seriously?!  On a related note... I seriously don't even know why I have a Pinterest account.  Like I said, I'm the least crafty person and I can't even imagine doing any of the things I pin on my boards.  What a serious waste of time!

Seriously?!  How is it that my blog has well over 10,000 hits and over 100 hits a day, yet I only have 33 followers.  Come on you blog stalkers, hit the follow button and make my day!  Seriously!

Ok, that's all for today... I think I've rambled far enough.  Thanks for checking me out and for the love, please click FOLLOW!  Mkaythxbye. 


Amy said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway and sharing with your FB friends. I will be choosing the winner soon! I'm a new follower to your blog as well. And btw, I think I have you beat as the least crafty person ever :)

Mrs. Mommy

Mrs. Mama said...

i am NOT looking forward to the terrible twos... all i hear are crazy stories. even though i have a ways to go.

yaya for birthday party!! but man, do they have to grow up that fast?