"Don't Touch the D*ck"

Toddler speech is hilarious.  Sometimes I feel like a translator.  I am nearly fluent in Marconese.  We'll have to say that I am the best translator for him... better than dad even! (woohoo, I win again!)

In our house, we have some strict rules.
Don't push your brother
Don't do caca in your pants
Don't open the door
Don't touch the disk

Marco knows how to turn on the xbox, open the tray, put in a DVD, turn the tv to "component1" and press play on the remote.  What a man!  Problem is, he does not yet know how to handle a DVD disk.  He doesn't know that the disk is not bendable (goodbye Monsters Inc.) or that the disk can scratch on the shiny side (see ya, Cars).  The real problem boils down to this:  He thinks he's big.  

So today we caught him, yet again, handling a DVD disk improperly.  To make matters worse, it was a Netflix one.  So Mauricio scolded him and said, "When you see a disk, don't get it, just say 'Papai, the disk!'"... "What do we say?"  to which Marco proudly responded, "Papai, the Dick!".  Then things went like this:
Mau: Say Disk
Marco: Dick
Mau:  Disk
Marco:  DicKKK
Mau: Don't touch the disk
Marco:  Don't touch the Dick... Papai, don't touch the Dick!

What about me?  Oh, I was just dying... no straight faces over here.

But really, I hope Marco learned a valuable lesson here tonight.  Not to touch the disk... or the dick for that matter!


Shawna Borman said...

Too funny Nicole!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness!! That is hilarious!!

Shawna said...

LOL...too funny!

Kelsey said...

oh wow. i giggled like such an immature person would. BAHAHA. and i can't WAIT until my 2 year old says something hilarious like that :)