A (very) Short Story

This is a short story I wrote about a year and a half ago, that I completely forgot about, but stumbled upon today and found it to be quite comical and charming... so I decided to share it.  Hope you enjoy!

Two bananas hang side by side in their hammock in my kitchen.  We think nothing of it.  Day by day, we pass these bananas and go about our normal lives, not ever thinking that perhaps they are living a life as well...

The first banana, Mr. Plantain, leans in close to his wife just to smell her.  He says, "It's a beautiful day today, isn't it mi amor?" to which she sourly replies, "It would be if we weren't in this stinky kitchen".  Mrs. Plantain longs for the days when she was swinging from her banana tree in the jungles of the Dominican Republic.

"Remember the days when we were young and free?", Mrs. Plantain asks her husband.  "I could hear the children playing below and smell the cafe brewing below as we swayed to the rhythmic music of bongos and guitaras.  Oh, those were the days when I was most happy".  Mr. Plantain leaned in even closer to his wife, whom he loved so dearly and whispered, "Mi vida, try to find some joy in our new life.  It wont be long now".

They cuddled up to one another and tried their best to be optimistic.  They knew the end was near.  It could be as close as lunch time.  They watched in fear as I sat my toddler in his high chair and asked, "Do you want a banana?  Ba-na-na?"

Mrs. Plantain turned her ugliest shade of brown, while Mr. Plantain held on tightly.  I plucked the least brown banana from it's holder and said, "I'll mash the for breakfast tomorrow morning".

Mr. Plantain cried out to his wife, "I'll see you on the other side, querida!  Remember our days in La Dominicana and remember I love you!"

He was heroic to the very end.