Today, we were officially BANNED from Bouncing Babies.

Ok, maybe banned is too dramatic of a word, but needless to say, we wont be returning.  You may have remembered that Marco officially graduated from BB in January.  But, walking down the graduation aisle did not stop us from walking through that door every week.  Hey, I had Jonas!  I could still get away with it!  I had talked to the teacher, Miss Leigh, and she said that because we had Jonas, it was ok to continue coming.  She has a real soft spot for Marco, since she's known him since he was 2 months old!

Today was our first day back in close to 2 months.  Marco just TOWERED over all the other children.  He was being as careful as a two year old knows how, but at one point he deliberately pushed another boy down... twice.  I repeatedly asked him to sit down, I had to put him on time out, I had to get up and get him... and Jonas was not getting very much attention, even though the class was for him!

So, I asked Miss Leigh to come sit and chat with me.  I asked her if it was time for us to discontinue Bouncing Babies.  And with a sad look on her face, she nodded her head.  She explained, in the nicest way, that Marco is just a rambunctious 2 year old... it's his personality... and it can be a little intimidating and even scary for the other children and mothers.  While other 2 year olds can handle it, Marco can not.  Honestly, I take no offense to it because I see it, clear as day.  And, I remember a time when I had a concern about the bigger kids hurting my little angelic and fragile baby Marco... those other children looked like Godzilla sized monsters.  Well, now I am the mother of a Monster... a Marco Monster.

As is with most everything, Jonas now gets the short end of the stick.  He's not going to be going to BB, but instead to Marco's class... Musical Jamboree for ages 2-4.  It makes me sad for Jonas, but I guess that's what happens with all 2nd (or 3rd) children.  They get dragged behind their older siblings.

C'est La Vie


Today the boys had their well check-ups.  Can I just say, it is so nice going in for a WELL visit as opposed to a sick one.  No worries about vomiting, runny noses or antibiotics.  Well visits usually make me feel very proud and successful... I rock as a mom and my doctor thinks so too!

As is expected, there is always good news and not-so-good news... but no bad news.

I've known for a while now that Marco has gotten WAY big.  He just turned 2 and yet he's wearing size 3T.  He's so heavy that I can barely carry him!  This was all confirmed today when he weighed in at a whopping 29.8 lbs (70th %ile) and measuring a ginormous 37.5 in (98th %ile).  Yes, he is in fact a BIG BOY.  The doctor estimated that once fully grown, Marco will be up around 6 foot 3 inches.  My big boy will also be a big man!  Maybe he will really start thinking about a career in Ba-Sket-Ball!

The only downside to our visit was that it looks like Marco is going to need to get the tubes after all.  After writing that blog post, Mau and I discussed it and we decided to wait for his next visit (which was today) and see if he still had fluid in his ears.  Well, he does.  It's not infected, but it's still there and it shouldn't be. So, we will now make the moves necessary to have the procedure done.

My small and mighty Jonas had a good visit as well.  You know, having a premie can be discouraging at times, but I have to keep the mindset that he is NOT like other babies his age... and that's ok.  He is weighing in at 11.5 lbs (> 2 %ile) and is measuring 27.5 in (.07 %ile).  Looking at his curve can be shocking... it is SO far below the norm... BUT his curve is moving up continuously and that is all I can hope for.  In the past 2 months, he has gained 2 pounds and 2 inches... that's pretty decent!  The doctor was impressed with how active, alert and strong he is... considering his size.

We had to fill out a 9 month questionnaire that asked about motor skills and other things.  He is right on track for a few things, but falls behind on most.  The doctor and I both agreed that it's nothing to be concerned about and has 100% to do with the fact that he's a premature child.  He acts and is on track as if he had been born on his due date... so like a 7 month old.  She said that by his next visit, we should be able to check off all those boxes with no problem, and I'm sure we will too.  Other than that, Jonas is super healthy and doing great!

I'm so grateful that God has blessed me with two wonderful and healthy children.  Even though they both have had rocky starts, God has pulled us through and shattered every single doubt or fear that I held on to.  He is so good.

Goodbye's Stink

Within the course of this month, I have had the duty of saying "Goodbye", "Au Revoir" and "Tchau" to 3 friends that I have grown to know and love while living in Greenville.

In the beginning of the month, my friend Kim and her little girl Sloane, moved back to their hometown of Kansas City, MO.  Her husband was here on a contract, that we all knew would expire eventually... but we didn't know that we'd become so fond of each other and that our children would love each other as well.  I met Kim last summer at our old apartment complex pool.  Sloane was only 8 months then, and Marco was about to turn 1.  Our kids couldn't play so well together then, but that would change as they got older.  I instantly liked Kim.  Like me, she was a teacher turned stay-at-home mom.  Having no family around, and no one else to call, we began hanging out a lot.  She was one of the few people I could call at 9am to make plans for that same day.  "Wanna meet at the park?"  "Sure!".  Marco knew that Kim had all the good snacks stashed away in her book bag and had no problem helping himself to all of them!  He learned to play alongside Sloane and share "cuh-cuhs" and balls with her.  When Jonas was born, Kim really pulled through for me.  She stayed with Marco many times so that I could go alone to the hospital to visit Jonas in the NICU.  She was always willing to help and never asked for anything in return.  I truly valued her friendship and have missed her and little Sloane a great deal.

Last week, Marco and I had to say goodbye to another wonderful playmate and friend, Maud and Bastian.  I think that Bastian was Marco's best friend, and he still asks for him regularly.  Like Kim, Maud and Bastian were only here temporarily.  Maud's husband moved their family to Greenville from Belgium before Bastian was born, and now they got the chance to move closer to home.  They'll be just 4 hours from Belgium, in a French city (i don't know which).  I actually met Maud a few weeks after Marco was born.  She also lived in our apartment complex and she saw me putting Marco in the car seat and she had baby Bastian with her as well.  Bastian is only 15 days older than Marco.  We didn't get to know each other then, however.  It wasn't until she began taking Bastian to Bouncing Babies at the library that we got close.  Kim and Maud became my go-to-girls.  We would have play dates several times a week, and our kids became the 3 musketeers.  They loved each other!  Maud has saved my butt on several occasions, chasing after Marco and Bastian as they tried to escape from us at the parks or down the sidewalks.   She's the runner... not me... even though she's pregnant!  Maud was one of the most interesting people I've had the privilege of knowing.  I loved hearing about life in Europe, growing up there, their culture and customs.  She is such a wonderfully well rounded person, and I am blessed to have known her.  Who knows, maybe I can convince Mau to take us to France for a super special play date?!

A few weeks ago, we said goodbye to the first friends we made here in Greenville.  Stefania and Leo.  I actually met them before I officially moved here.  They're Brazilians... that explains a lot.  Brazilians stick together.  My friend Carol's mom, Anne, met them and being Brazilian, invited them over to share Thanksgiving dinner.  From then on, we continued to see them occasionally and eventually became friends.  They were a really great couple and friendship with them was nice because Mau got along well will Leo and I liked Stefania a lot... that rarely happens.  Stefania was my Twilight buddy (yes, the midnight showing) and we would always recommend books to one another.  She is also a pediatrician, and has taken my calls at all hours of the night with silly questions and concerns (Thanks!).  She got a better job with a practice down in Sebring, FL... just an hour south of Orlando.  I know we will definitely see them again and I'm sure that our friendship will be able to continue to grow even with the distance.

These 3 women and their families have changed me and shaped my life in Greenville.  I'm not going to lie and say I don't feel a bit lonely without them here... I do.  Some mornings I wonder who Marco will play with that day, and it's sad to think it wont be Bastian or Sloane.  Of course I still have friends here, but these girls became a little more than friends to me... they were my confidants.

My prayer for each of you is that you are blessed in this new era of your life.  That the Lord bless your house, your marriage, your finances and your children.  That you are happy and find comfort in your new life.  That you find new wonderful friends to surround you- but none as great as me.  I miss you guys, and goodbye's stink!

Vacation: Last Leg

After spending a day in Miami, a day in Cocoa Beach and a day at Disney, it's safe to say we were pretty tired.  Thankfully we were able to get a little R&R at my dear friend Jennifer's house.  On that Monday morning, we woke up leisurely (so, like 8am) and lounged around Jens house, snacking on all her goodies. Her pantry is WAY more fun than mine... Recess Penut Butter Cups for breakfast? ummmm YES please!

Finally we decided to get going and enjoy our last day in our favorite city.  We drove all the way down to I-Drive to the Brazilian market, where we can get things that we just can't get here.  After enjoying a coxihna and pastel, Mau loaded up on things to take back.  He got several boxes of pao de queijo, requeijao, catupiri, linguisa and farofa.  And since we've been back home, we've made and thoroughly enjoyed some of it.

Here is our pao de queijo and requeijao... basically cheese bread with a cream cheese spread... basically, delish!

Here we have a homemade pizza with chicken, tomatos and catupiry.  Catupiry is a soft creamy cheese... mmm so good!

Once we got our fill of Brazilian goodies, we headed over to visit Tavie and Adele one last time.  We walked over to Tutti Fruitti on Park Ave and got some frozen yogurt.  Then we went back to Jens house because she had made plans for us that evening.

Since it was Marco's birthday, Jen invited a few of her co-workers with kids over for a BBQ.  There were 6 kids overall, and we all had a great time getting to know each other and pigging out on burgers and hot dogs.  Jen (co-owner of The Cupcake Boutique) decided to show off her culinary skills and bake some special Basketball Cupcakes for the birthday boy.

The next morning we woke up and got back on the road for our long trip home. It took us 8 hours, with 1 long stop at Atlanta Bread Company for some lunch.  Overall, we had a wonderful vacation and got to do everything we set out to do and more... thank you to all of our friends who went out of their way to make sure our time there was special and fun!  We love you all sooooo much and miss you every day!

Disney's a Delight!

Day 3 of our vacation did not give us much rest, as we saddled up in the car at 9am and headed out to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  

I had given this decision much thought.  First off, I have always been the woman who said I would NEVER take my babies to Disney.  Too much heat, too many diapers, too many criers, too difficult with the stroller, too much money... and for what if they were not going to remember it at all?!  But that was all while I lived within easy driving distance to the parks... now, I'm a hypocrite.  We saw the opportunity to take our kiddos to Disney (diapers, change of clothes, double stroller, sippy cups and all) and seized it!  Then my dear friend Christina, who is a singer with Voices of Liberty, offered to get us in to the park for FREE.  Yes, we were definitely going!  (Thanks, Christina!) 

We decided to go to Animal Kingdom instead of Magic Kingdom because it is a less busy park, very shaded and has tons of animals, which Marco would love.  It was a perfect choice!  We were accompanied by Adele, Tavie, Amie (check out her blog here) and Veronica.  

The first thing we did was head over to meet the characters.  We had a little time to kill before the Lion King show and made good use of it.  I remember taking my brother to Disney when he was Marco's age, and he was TERRIFIED of Mickey and all the other characters.  I was afraid that Marco would have a similar reaction.  But, I should know better... my fearless child walked up to the raccoon from Pocahontas and gave him a high-five and a hug.  

Then he got to meet the main man himself... Mickey! 

We were then ready to go into the theatre to watch the Festival of the Lion King show.  We got awesome seats, thanks to my butt being in a wheel chair, and Mauricio was chosen to be a demonstrator of the hand jive! Ha!  We were in the mighty Lion section and had to ROAR ferociously at the other sections.  Once the show started and the performers came out singing and dancing, Marco became entranced.  He was hypnotized by the acrobatics, the stilt walkers and dancers.  It truly is a beautiful show!  Jonas decided this was a great time for a quick snooze, so he curled up to me and enjoyed the dark, air conditioned room.  When it was time to leave, Marco grabbed hold of the bench and told us "Noooo".  He wanted to stay and watch the show again!  But we assured him there was much more to see, so he declawed himself and reluctantly went with us. 

We headed to Africa and enjoyed lunch under a pavilion.  The African drummers came out and proceded to perform right in front of us.  Marco grabbed hold of my hand and lead us out to the courtyard to dance.  He has no shame! 

Once our bellies were full and Marco was tired from dancing, we went over to the Safari.  This ride is awesome because it actually takes you through a reserve.  Animals are roaming free, for the most part, and we got a chance to see them in their semi-normal habitats.  This is unlike any zoo... there's no glass or cages.  We rode in a truck, "Marco's Truck", and drove through the reserve, spotting antelope just a few feet away, a girafe munching on a tree right next to the truck, and a baby elephant bathing in a nearby pond.  It was spectacular!  Even if Marco thought every animal was a "VACA!" (cow).  

Then, the best thing ever happened... Marco fell asleep in the stroller!  We took advantage, left the kiddos with Vero, and went to ride the only Animal Kingdom roller coaster- Everest.  It.Was.Awesome!  

Once Marco woke up, about an hour later, we headed over to watch the Finding Nemo show.  This show is absolutely beautiful.  The costumes are amazing, the music is beautiful and the theatre is sweetly airconditioned.  Jonas again chose this time to take his nap!  Marco sat with Adele and Tavie, and did not budge for the full 25 minutes.  He kept pointing and saying "Looooook" at the different colorful costumes.  Later when we asked him if he liked the show, his eyes grew wide and he nodded his head very seriously.  I think that was a big "yes".  

Our day at Disney was over.  We were hot, sweaty and tired, but oh so happy.  This Disney trip was truly delightful.  Even with the diapers.  

A Day at the Beach

After driving 11.5 hours and then spending all day Friday in Miami with our family, we fought through our desire to stay in bed, and instead woke up bright and early on Saturday and got back on the road for 3 more hours.  Destination, Cocoa Beach!

We were meeting our friends Ryan, Adele and Tavie on the sandy Florida beach to catch some waves and some rays.  It was our first time back to the beach in over two years and we loved every minute of it.

It was Marco's first time at the beach ever.  I had heard stories about other children not liking the feel of the sand, being afraid of the waves, or not liking the salty water... none of the above applied for my son.  He loved the sand so much, he allowed Ryan and Tavie to bury him it it!
Once he fell into the sand and came back with his hand covered.  He said, "Mama, Yuck"... and then proceded to try and lick the sand off his hand.  That was a big mistake!  He then had sand on his tongue, and in an attempt to take the sand off, he used his still sandy fingers to wipe off his tongue.  Eh, you live, you learn.

He had such a blast jumping through waves and running down the shore line.  Then he got to do the funnest thing ever... SURF!

Check out his concentration!  He was made for this stuff.


Jonas stayed with the girls under the umbrellas, sippin'  lemonade.  Next time he'll be out there right along side his big bro.  

We had such a wonderful time hanging and relaxing in the beautiful Florida sunshine.  It is one thing we truly do miss about living there.  

That evening we went out to dinner with Ryan, Amie, Tavie, Adele and Kevin to... THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!  (Uh, where else?).  It felt like old times... except we missed Ben (of course).

Even though we were feeling the exhaustion of driving for over 16 hours (at that point) and a full day at the beach, or trip was just getting started.  Stay tuned for more adventures from TF4! :)

Road Trip

We just returned yesterday from our vacation to Florida.  Goodness, I love Florida... the heat, the warm pool, the beach, the parks, the friends and family... it's great!

So on Thursday, we rented a car and got on the road around 1:45pm.  Destination, Miami.  All was going well.  We stopped at the library on the way out of town and got 5 DVD's to help keep Marco entertained.  It worked magical wonders.  I seriously do not know how people survived their kids on road trips prior to portable DVD players.  As soon as Marco started with his usual, "Mama? Mama? Maaaammmmaaaa", I would pop in a movie and we'd have silence for a good hour... well, not complete silence, as we still had to endure the movie music. (It's the Mickey Mouse club house... anyone?  Anyone?).

We stopped once for a stretch where I fed Jonas real quick, once for dinner at Zaksby's, where Marco got to run around a bit, and once to gas up while everyone was sleeping.  We arrived at Mauricio's parent's house by 1:15am.  We made it in 11.5 hours with 3 stops included!  That's record time!

On Friday, we headed over to my dad's house and enjoyed a day by the pool with lots of food and family!  We had a birthday cake for Marco and he got a bunch of clothes... much needed and appreciated.  He loved it when everyone sang "Happy Birthday" for him... his smile was ear to ear, and then he got to blow out the candle several times!  

It was a great day.  The next day we were up bright and early and on the road again for the next part of our trip... stay tuned for more pics and stories! 

Birthday Play-Date

Yesterday I invited a few friends to the pool to play and celebrate Marco's 2nd birthday.  We had a really fun time swimming, wading in the baby pool and having yummy pizza and cupcakes.

In preparation for this play-date, Marco and I baked the cupcakes.  My intention was to make them to look like basketballs (because that's the current obsession) but I overestimated my creative abilities.  I really don't know why I always think I can be crafty... when I'm so not.  But I attempted anyway and they came out semi-cute.  The best part was letting Marco help crack eggs, stir the batter and of course, lick the spoon!

And here he is enjoying the finished product.  It looks like he's about to slip into a sugar coma.  Ha!

We're not done celebrating yet... we have more in store for my boy's big 2nd birthday!  Afterall, he's "stwoooo" now!

Jonas and Hyde

Remember when I was constantly complaining about Jonas crying and wanting to be held?  Well, that was about 6 months ago and he was only 3 months old... that's completely forgivable.  What is NOT forgivable, is my almost NINE month old STILL constantly crying and wanting to be held!!!

Jonas is such a sweet and beautiful boy.  When he's in a good mood and happy, he fills the room with joy... we're all happy when Jonas is happy.  But, when he's in a bad mood, the exact opposite happens... when Jonas is unhappy, we're ALL unhappy.

Jonas has learned that the most effective way of getting what he wants is to scream at the top of his lungs... not cry... SCREAM!  We've tried ignoring, but he is a very persistant boy... he wont stop... no matter how long you wait it out.

His biggest complaints are that he wants to be held or that he wants more food.  He squeals the entire time he's being fed.  In the time it takes me to bring the spoon from his mouth, to the bowl and back to his mouth, he begins screaming.  Most time he hasn't even had a chance to swallow what is in his mouth, but he still wants more.  When I'm breastfeeding (no I haven't weaned) and pull him off to switch sides, he goes bonkers.

When I put him down on the floor to play, I have to move out of his line of sight.  If he can see me, he refuses to play.  He'll scream at me until I pick him up.  When we sit down for dinner, he joins us in his Bumbo chair, pulled right up to the table.  But instead of being content with this, he begins his screaming... so we either have dinner to the music of his tirade or eat with one hand. (Which is very tricky when eating pizza or burgers).

The most annoying part is that once he gets what he wants, the screaming stops immediately.  I mean, at the very same moment... no wind down cry, no sobbing or rapid breathing.  He is a light switch... from screaming to stillness in 2.2 seconds flat! Which leads me to believe that it's all a show... a big broadway show... He deserves a Tony!

This is my sweet angel baby when he's happy... 

But, it's only a matter of moments before he turns into this angry beast...

Jekyll and Hyde, anyone?

Professional Accomplishment!

Yesterday I had my first professional accomplishment in a long time.  And it felt great!

Before I became a mom, yes, I had a life.  I was a middle school chorus teacher, before that a K-8 music teacher and simultaneously taught private voice lessons at a music school.  I love to sing, and really discovered that I love teaching other's to sing too!

When I was in the K-8 school, I realized something very important... I don't like kids.  Let me correct myself, I like MY kids, but I don't like OTHER people's kids.  Actually, I do like other people's kids... but not in groups.  I learned that teaching K-3 was NOT for me.  Too many "I miss my mommy", "I hurt my finger", "I'm sleepy"... I couldn't deal.  Things started getting better with 4th graders, but my heart belonged to my middle schoolers.

The next year I went to work in a public middle school teaching only Chorus.  It was wonderful.  The music was great, the kids were inspiring, the work I was doing was valuable.  What I didn't love was the disciplining.  There were always those few that ruined it for everyone.  I was also at a very low income school, and the lack of funds were disappointing and depressing.  I stayed there for 3 years, for the kids, until I moved to Greenville to become a full time Mom.

I have been teaching private voice lessons since I was a Senior in college.  I have always worked at after school music facilities that take care of everything for you.  They have their rates set, they set your appointments and deal with your cancellations.  They also set up recitals and allow you to participate with your students.

Since I had taught in a public school, a private school and in an individual setting, I was able to realize that my favorite form of teaching was one-on-one, individual private voice lessons.  You get the best of everything here... a dedicated student with a real desire to learn and an appreciation for music.  Because there are no grades involved, there is no pressure and no discipline issues.  It really is all the fun of teaching with none of the annoying paperwork, politics or disciplining involved in a school setting.

So when I moved to Greenville, I decided to go solo... I had worked at 2 different music schools and saw the way they operated... I could do this.  I put a small blurb out on and before long I had my very first student.  At this time, we were living in a 2 bedroom apartment and Marco was just 2 months old.  I would put him in my carrier and he would sleep or watch as I taught my one lesson per week.  Pretty soon, one student became 2 and then 3 and so on!  We had to make arrangements to get into a bigger apartment and have Mauricio come home from work to take care of Marco so I could teach a few back to back.

As I got my space, and things became more consistant, I began feeling a lot more legit.  These students were sticking around because they were learning and having fun while doing so.  At the turn of the year, I had 10 solid and consistant students.  I decided my next major step was to have a recital to show off all the incredible work we'd been doing.  So we set the date, and got to work.

Yesterday was that date.  June 4, 2011 was the first time I put on my OWN studio voice recital.  I had 10 students performing 19 songs.  The recital was held in the theatre at Coffee Underground, and we had a small reception afterward.  My students ranged in age from 6-20, and we had a variety of songs... some Broadway, some pop, some country, some worship.  It was wonderful!

I felt so encouraged by our success yesterday and know that this is what I'm supposed to be doing.  Although I only work 3 hours every evening, I know that I'm making a big impact on the lives of these students and enriching their love for music.  God has done an amazing work in our lives by giving me the opportunity to do this... He has provided the students.  Currently I have 13 students, and He continues to open more doors for me all the time!

Here is a picture of the group of performers from the Spring 2011 Recital:

You can check out my website here.  It's a little bare right now, but we'll be working on sprucing it up, adding pictures and videos from the recital.
We'll be planning our next recital for December!


Since about January or February, we've been having ear issues at our house.  Both boys had double ear infections that would not quit.  They each had snotty noses, Jonas had lots of eye boogies, and Mauricio could smell the infections in their ears.  Isn't that amazing... he can SMELL it!  It's like his super power... detecting infections with his super human sniffing abilities!  In fact, most of the times that's how we know they have infections to begin with.  Mauricio will tell me their ears stink, I make an appointment and sure enough... ear infection!

My kids have never shown symptoms of being in discomfort or sick.  I don't get ear pulling, crankiness, clinginess, fever... nothing.  Occastionally we have a runny nose, but that's it.  There is really NO way for me to know if they are infected or not.  The ONLY time Marco has ever acted sick was when he had the stomach bug.  I must admit, I liked the clinginess a little... because I never get that from him!

So, they were each on a round of antibiotics... we went back to the doctor to get checked, where we learned it still wasn't cleared, and given another round of antibiotics. This routine happened 3 times.  Jonas had 3 rounds in a row and Marco had 4.  I mean, I'm not surprised that they kept passing the infection back and forth... really, Marco and Jonas french kiss each other a million times a day!  It was quite gross when they both had boogies running down their noses... they were like slurping up each other's germs... ewwwww!  I could try to contain it, but it was so hard!

About 2 weeks ago, we went to the pediatrician yet again to have a look at the ears.  I swear, we should just rent a room permanently at the pediatricians office... it's always something or another... it's one kid or the other.  So, she has a look and Jonas is cleared!  Woohooooo!  Marco, however, was not.  Boooo.  Another round of antibiotics for Marco... this was his 4th.  And then the dreaded speech came... it may be time to consider putting in tubes for Marco.  Oh no!

Today we went to see the ENT who would be doing the procedure if we agree to have it done.  He basically said that it's a quick procedure, about 15 minutes.  They give anestesia through a mask, so they have no need to inject or even put in an IV.  They would then put little tubes in the ears, sitting on the ear drums, that in essence allows the ear infection to have an escape route.  The tubes would fall out on their own in 1-2 years.

The amazing thing is that by the very next day, he should be back to normal.  He can even go swimming!  He said that given Marco's age, there should be no worries about going in the pool, because he wont be dunking or diving... at most it'll just splash, which is no problem at all.

So, I have talked to a few moms who have had the procedure done on their kids and so far I've heard nothing but positive things.  One of my student's mom says that once her daughter had it done, she has never had to go on antibiotics again for an ear infection!  And my sister-in-law, Bea, said that it was easy like 1-2-3 and nothing to be worried about.

Since I've grown up my whole life on one medication after another due to my various illnesses, I'm over it.  I do not want my children to be on medication... if it's absolutely necessary, then fine, but one round after another after another is not ok with me.  If I can find a permanent or semi-permanent solution that does not involve pumping my child's body with chemicals everyday, then I'll do it.  I think the risk of being on medication is far greater than the risk of having a procedure.

As you can see, I'm convinced.  The doctor said we can have it done by next week if we wanted.  I just have to talk it over with Daddy-o before we make our final decision.

If you've had to put your child through this, I'd love to hear your feedback!  Was it a positive or negative experience?  Anything I need to watch out for or question?  I need the advice of moms who've been there!  Please leave me a comment or you can email me at  Thanks!