The Graduate

was Marco's first ever graduation.  He graduated from the library's Bouncing Babies program.  I can't believe my baby is actually too old for something!  Bouncing Babies is a program that is for babies age 0-18 months.  He turned 19 months today. ::wipes single tear::

We started attending Bouncing Babies when Marco was just 2 months old.  Summer was coming to an end, and I had spent the best warm days inside caring for my newborn.  I was going out of my mind.  I had heard of the library programs and decided to give it a shot.  Marco was the youngest baby there, and he couldn't even stay awake the entire time, but at least we were out!  At that time, I think I needed Bouncing Babies more than he did!

This is the picture that was taken of him on his third visit to the program.  We had to take the picture before the class began because he would fall asleep before the last song.  He looks like a little old man!  This picture has hung on the wall for 16 months... and was taken down today, his last day.

Little by little he began "waking up" and enjoying the music, noticing the puppets, noticing the other children, and then the bubbles!  He began to feel at home there and warm up to the teacher.  He learned the moves to the songs, and would dance and clap along to every one.

Once he was able to stay awake throughout the entire class, we began staying for playtime.  This extra half hour was awesome. He got to play and learn to socialize, while I got to meet some of the parents and make connections.  He exuded so much energy in that hour, that he'd immediately fall asleep once in the car and take a nice long nap at home.  Bouncing Babies always helped us have a great day!

We met some awesome moms, dads and babies there!  They have provided playmates for Marco and support for me.  We've built friendships and relationships that have bonded us and our children. We now meet up out of Bouncing Babies on a regular basis at the mall, the park or elsewhere.

This is Marco's "graduating class".  (From left to right) We have Andres, Marco, Audrey, Bastian and Bennett.  All these babies are moving on to the big kid class... Musical Jamboree.

We'll probably still visit Bouncing Babies from time to time for Jonas' sake, but Marco is officially graduated!

I'm really happy that I decided to go to the library that first day.  It opened up the way for new friendships and lots of learning.  If you're a new stay-at-home-mom, I highly recommend looking into the library programs in your area and starting a class with your little one.  It's a wonderful investment and definitely see the pay off!


Heloisa said...

Dear Nicole!
These are great little things that turn people into great people, and all thanks to mothers like you! congratulations on Marco! and congratulations to you for being such a great mom!
very beautiful!