Stroller Swagger

We did it.  We bit the bullet and got a double stroller!  It was time.  I had been dealing with a single for nearly 4 months now.  There were two ways I could get around with the single stroller:
1. Strap Jonas to my chest in the Moby and put Marco in the stroller, or
2. Put Jonas in the carrier in the stroller and let Marco walk.

There are down sides to each of these options.  For starters, if Jonas is in the Moby, it makes it difficult for me to chase and carry Marco.  But if Jonas is in the stroller, then Marco gets upset because that was HIS stroller FIRST and how DARE his brother take it from him... (it's already begun).  So I have to endure Marco walking at a turtle's speed and stomping his feet and whining the whole way to wherever we're going.

Initially we wanted a front and back stroller, one like this --->
In fact, my sister-in-law, Bea was going to give me hers and I was going to buy her a new double umbrella in exchange.  Good deal!  So we went to the store to try it out and realized we would have to buy a new car if we wanted this stroller.  It was WAY too big and couldn't fit in my trunk.  So, that was out.

Then we thought we could try to get a Sit n' Stand stroller.  Baby in the front, big kid standing in the back.  We tried it and laughed out loud thinking about all the mischief Marco would get into if he were not confined to a seat.  There was no way I could trust him in that position.  I mean, he's still a baby!  He's only 19 months old!

So one day, we went to the amazing Buy Buy Baby and found the stroller of our dreams.  You know, the heavens opened up, a bright light beamed down onto the stroller and we heard a choir of angels singing.  (Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but the stroller was pretty awesome!)  The Baby Jogger City Micro... it's a side by side stroller that folds in half and would fit in the trunk with room to spare. Problem was... the price!  EEK!  The stroller lists at $300, not to mention all the accessories I'd want to buy for it.  We were going to have to save our pennies to make this purchase.

I started searching Craigs List and eventually found one for sale in Boca Raton.  This worked out well, because I just happened to be flying to FL at the time.  I begged my dad to drive to Boca and pick it up for me.  The seller wanted $260 for it, but it included the belly bar ($40 value), 2 snack trays ($40 value) and a cup holder for me ($20).  All in all, we would save about $150.  My dad drove up to Boca, checked it out, paid for it and then GIFTED it to me!  Hooray!  Thanks DAD!

I took it for a test drive this morning at the mall.  It drove like a dream!  It's not any longer than a single stroller, so you still fit easily into small spaces, (like elevators) and it's not too wide, so it still fits in regular doors.  I had to get a snuggler for Jonas because it doesn't recline all the way, but it wasn't a problem.  The stroller maneuvers easily and Marco loved sitting next to his brother.  Cutest thing:  He held Jonas' hand and gave him his paci when he started crying.  Such a good brother!

But I will say, once I put both kids back in their car seats, closed up the stroller and put it in the trunk and got into the car myself, I was panting and sweating.  Being a mom provides me with some of the best works out I've ever had.  So watch out... there's a gun show coming to town REAL soon!