Little Rewards

As I've mentioned before, having a premie is really hard work.  I know you've seen me complaining here and here about how the newborn stage seems to last for-e-ver!  And it does.  I mean, really, Jonas is 3 months old now, yet he still behaves like he's only a few weeks old.  I know, that that's because he really IS only a few weeks old in actuality.  I get it.
Finally though, after about 15 weeks, we're getting some rewards.  Let me show you:

Jonas is finally starting to smile!  And what a goofy smile it is!  Granted, we have to provoke him pretty hard to get the smile, but once we do, oh how sweet it is!  It's like having a baby that is 100% work 100% of the time and the only personality trait you know of is fussiness... and then you get this amazing glimmer of  hope!  There is a personality there... and it's a happy one!  
Jonas is also starting to coo.  I love it.  He makes little gurgling sounds in the back of his throat and sometimes speaks out an "ah-goo".  He intently watches my face and mouth and tries to move his around in the same manner.  I can't wait to hear his giggles and squeals as he continues to become more aware.
These little rewards are truly the highlight of my days.  This small thread of personality peeking from nothingness helps me to see that better days are ahead of us.  His smiles and coos almost makes me forget how horrible the colic and fussiness is... almost. 


Unpolished Parenting said...

Oh the smiles and coos! Beautiful!