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Music has always been my passion.  I've been singing since the time I could talk and joined my first chorus at age 4.  I had my first solo when I was 7 and immediately got the performance bug... I'd never be the same.  Throughout school, I was always referred to as "Nicole- the one who sings".  It didn't bother me at all... it was my pre-fame.  My favorite subjects were chorus and musical theatre... and I excelled at both.  

When high school was over, I decided to go on and study vocal performance in college.  My father said, "Nicole, think about it... this is a life long decision with life long repercussions.  Why don't you study business instead?"  "No Daddy, I can't... Singing is my passion and I'll only be happy doing it!" "Well, what are you going to do with it?  Teach?"  "Uh, no... PERFORM... I'm a PERFORMANCE major!"  

When college was finishing up, I began thinking of grad schools.  I had passed the first round of auditions for the Manhattan School of Music and flew there for the second round.  I got off the plane and within the hour, my voice was gone.  The cold weather does not suit me.  The more I thought and prayed about moving to New York and continuing to pursue my performance degree, the more I felt God pulling me in a different direction.  I was at a crossroads... move to New York or stay in a relationship with Mauricio... I couldn't have both.  

It's no surprise that I chose the latter.  I moved to Orlando and became what I said I would NEVER become... a teacher.  The ONLY reason I enjoyed teaching was because I was able to sing and create music.  Everything else about it sucked... the pay, the disciplining, the lack of support, the drama.  I did it for 4 years, but could not see myself doing it always. 

Now, after not working in a school for nearly 2 years in order to stay home and raise my babies, I really can't see myself going back.  I teach voice privately every afternoon, and I love doing that!  Everything about it rocks... the music, the students, the pay, the no need for disciplining, the support from my husband.  But I'm beginning to feel a shift coming on.  Of course I'm going to continue teaching privately, but I'm feeling the need to do something more. 

I've always loved to read.  And since I've started this blog, I've realized that I kinda love writing as well.  And I think I'm pretty good at it too!  In the past, I've considered writing a book, but it seems like such a massive endeavor that I'm completely stumped as to where I should begin.  So, I've decided to enroll in a Creative Writing online course through Clemson.  I know I wont be publishing a book anytime soon, but maybe it'll get my creative juices flowing and organized.  Who knows?  Maybe I will be a published author some day?  

So instead of being a "starving musician", I'll give being a "starving writer" a shot.  Why couldn't I have just gone into business like my dad suggested?  Oh yeah, because I would have died of suffocation! 


Mauricio Avesani said...

The irony is the Full Sail ad banner under the post. Like Sallie Mae isn't to blame at least a little for your lack of creative writing skills... Oh hold on, she's at the door for some sugar. And by sugar I mean my kidneys.

Nicole said...
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Heloisa said...

Firstly, ¨ HI ¨, Nicole ... you got me crying again! Nicole knows, I admire you very much! you think a person sensational! and through your Blog I learned to know you better and honestly feel that you have flair for writing ... you know why?? think: I am here in Brazil ... so far from everything and everyone, and it's through his blog that I can feel so close when I read these words ... near you, the children ... seems Mauricio until you know them personally! For that reason they when you put in your blog I'll look it running the way you write I feel close, I am touched ... well ... your blog is an addiction for me! kkk, indeed! and I say more! I'm proud of you and everything you do! you are a person that makes the difference and his words transport us to their world!
Do not know if I could understand because I wrote t radutor through the site, but Nicole fly, go away with your talent !!!!!
With love,

Jacqueline said...

You'll definitely be on my best sellers list...DO IT! :)