Party Animal

As promised, here's a post about my brothers wedding with far more pictures than I'm sure you care to see.

On December 30, my little brother, Migue got hitched!  He has been with his (then) girlfriend for over 3 years... and I take all the credit.  If it wasn't for me, they wouldn't have even noticed one another.

It all started at Bernardo and Victoria's wedding, in early 2007.  I asked Alaina what was up with the guys in her life and she gave me a typical answer, "Guys are retarded".  To which I replied, "Not all, have you seen my brother lately?"  Migue and Alaina had known each other as children at our church, but it had been years since they'd seen one another because our then church split and our families went their separate ways.  So I re-introduced them.  Later, on our way to the reception, I asked Migue what he thought of her. He said, "She's cute and nice, but really young right?"  He thought she was still in high school!  I corrected his mistake and told him he had BETTER talk to her at the reception.  I warned him that if he didn't talk to her, I was going to tell his MOTHER!  This got his butt in gear, and he spent most of the reception trying to find out more about her.  The rest... it's history.  But as you can clearly see, it's all because of me! hah!

 Marco was invited to "walk" the wedding, where he and this cutie little girl were supposed to ride down the aisle in a beautiful wagon.  Unfortunately, there were several melt downs prior to the wedding so they 86'ed the wagon and had the babies carried down instead.  Marco is usually a very confidant kid who rarely cries, but when he sees other children crying, he thinks there must be a reason to be scared, and then he cries as well.  It's a snowball effect.

The ceremony was long because it was translated from English to Spanish.  And once again, how do we keep our toddler entertained, quiet and seated for an hour and a half?  FOOD!  Marco stuffed his face with cookies throughout the ENTIRE ceremony.  He even shared with his cousins, Sophia and Kevin.  Moms of toddlers, always be prepared with snacks... for your child and everyone else's as well.

I was supposed to sing at the wedding, and was so upset that I was unable to.  Because I had pneumonia and had not been treated yet, I could not breathe.  I tried singing, but simply could not catch my breath.  It was a little ridiculous.  "Our God (breath) is an awesome (breath) God (breath) He reigns (breath)" get the picture.

The reception was absolutely beautiful.  The decorations were gorgeous, the speeches were lovely and the dances made me cry.  Everything had been calm and serene, until the music started.  Marco. Went. Nuts.

What can I say, I guess I just have a little party animal on my hands. (He gets that from MY side of the family... for sure). As soon as the music began to play, he started bouncing in his high chair and wanting down.  He practically jumped out of the chair in order to get on the dance floor.  He doesn't mess around.
At first he was dancing with Papai.  But that didn't last.  Marco wanted freedom, he wanted to fly solo, he wanted to be a star!
 So we let him go.  And he went.  He was dancing in the middle of the crowd.  Not at all worried about anyone trampling him... in fact, they'd better watch out for him!

 His dance reminded me of Flash Dance, "He's a maniac, maaaaniac on the floor... and he's dancing like he's never danced before".
He would move his feet really fast and then when the beat would shift, he'd pick up one foot and slowly plant it down.

My boy's got moves! 

He was absolutely fascinated by the disco lights and spent a good portion of his dancing chasing them and trying to step on them.  At one point, he tried to catch the lights reflecting off of the brides dress.  He fell on her dress and had an interesting time getting back up.  She didn't even notice!

Even Jonas got to dance with his Abo Cesar!

Overall, the wedding was a hit!  Everything was beautiful and everyone had so much fun.  But I don't think anyone had more fun than my party animal, Marco!


Dana said...

Nicole, you look beautiful! I am so glad to see you and Mauricio doing well. I am praying for all of you. I will definitely watch some you tube on moby wraps but if I can't figure it out I am coming to SC so you can show me!