Don't Push my Hot Button

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you're probably asking, "which hot button?".  I know, I have quite a few... this is my outlet.

So, we went to Miami for the Christmas holiday (I plan on updating on that soon with lots of pics), and returned to Greenville on Monday.  We didn't have a ride to the airport, so decided to bite the bullet, put our car in the lot, and pay up when the time came.  When we arrived at the airport, Mau took Marco and the bags to the car and I waited with Jonas at baggage to collect the car seats.  Mau pulls up to the curb, loads the kids and begins to leave.  While we're driving out of the airport, he tells me this story:

When I pulled up to pay at the parking garage, the attendant noticed your handicap decal in the window.  She looked at me and said "You're not handicapped", to which I replied, "You're right, but my wife is".  She said that I couldn't get the handicap discount because the handicap person was not in the car.  I told her I was going to pick you up because you couldn't walk this far, and she had a fit saying that I couldn't get the discount.  So, I ended up paying... $87.

After hearing this story, every one of my hot buttons had been pushed.  I was going to eat the parking attendant alive.  "TURN THE CAR AROUND", I yelled.  We went back to the scene of the crime, I marched out of the car and knocked on the supervisors door.  I explained, in my most stern and serious voice:

My husband was just in line to pay and he was not given the handicap discount for our car because I was not in the car at the moment.  If I'm handicap, how am I supposed to walk a MILE to get my car in the first place?  I am a handicap person, I have a handicap decal, my husband was picking me up at the handicap entrance, we are a handicap car and we are entitled to our handicap discount.  MOREOVER, how DARE your parking attendant assume that my husband is not the handicap person.  Do I look handicap to you?!  I am... with 3 conditions, none-the-less.  But I shouldn't have to justify or explain my conditions to you in order to receive a discount which is rightfully mine.  You are NOT going to have me pay nearly $100 for a technicality.

Needless to say, we got all $87 back and they treated me most apologetically after my soap box speech.  That poor woman had no idea what was coming to her.  I've been fighting this same battle since I was 16 years old and I am SO tired of hearing comments and sneers because I am not missing a leg or in a wheel chair.

That is one button you don't want to press.


Unpolished Parenting said...

Wow I can completely see why that is so upsetting. I'm glad they at least reimbursed you, but I know that doesn't really solve the issue at hand.