Embarrassing Moments

I'm linking up with Mommy Madness Friday Blog Hop this week.  I've been reading this blog for quite a while and have now decided to join in the fun!  

So this week's topic is "Embarrassing Moments".  I must say, that having an 18 month old and a 3 month old does not lend to many embarrassing moments.  Sure, you have the diaper leaks, spit ups, food tossing and tantrum throwing, but none of that is truly embarrassing because every mom has been there at one point or another.   No, my friends, true embarrassing moments happen once a child can speak freely what's on their minds.  Thankfully I have yet to experience this with my own children, but I have experienced it with my kid brother... and wow, it'll go down in history as one of my absolute MOST embarrassing moments ever.

My brother, Yoyi, is a whopping 14 years younger than me.  He is the product of my father's 2nd marriage, and he's my only blood sibling.  I love him to pieces... even though he's 14 now and kind of a punk.  So, as a young teenager, I did my fair share of babysitting (however, my parents will say otherwise).  He's always called me Nana (short for "hermana" which is "sister" in Spanish).  I loved taking him out and showing him off- people even thought he was mine sometimes!  

When I was 17, I had this massive crush on this Walgreens Pharmacy tech guy.  He was a little older than me and smokin' hot!  I would find any and every excuse to go to Walgreens and pay at the pharmacy department.  Out of milk?  I'll do a quick Walgreens run and go buy some.  Out of toilet paper?  I'll get it!  Seriously, ANY excuse.  

So, one day I decide to take my little brother with me to go fill a prescription.  He's like 3 or 4.  And I'm thinking, maybe Hottie Pharmacy Guy will think it's cute that I take my baby brother with me?  I'm sitting in the pharmacy department waiting for my prescription with Yoyi on my lap, singing and playing...

Hold on, before I continue... I admit it... I'm not the most high maintenance kind of girl.   I let my hair air dry, shave my legs for special occasions and yes, sometimes let my upper lip hair grow to be noticeable before taking care of it.  But what was about to happen was completely uncalled for.  

Ok, back to my story.  We're sitting, waiting and playing.  Hottie Pharmacy Guy comes over to the counter to tell me that my prescription was ready and at that very precise moment, my darling 3 year old brother screams, "Nana! You have a BEARD!"  

Oh.My.God.  You know when you get really, really embarrassed, that your armpits immediately spring up like the fountain of youth?  Yeah, that was me... times a million!  I thought I was going to die.  Why did he have to say "beard"?  It wasn't a beard... ok, maybe a mustache, but NOT by any means a BEARD! 

Needless to say, I immediately paid and got the heck out of there.  After that, my trips to Walgreens were much more sparse... and I always paid at the front counter.  


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