Sick & Needy

One is sick, the other is needy.  Well, really both of them are needy.

As you read in my last post, I was sick last week.  This was the worst... or so I thought, until my little darling angel-faced baby Marco got sick.  I passed on my evil stomachache-y germs to him and now he's got it bad.

It all started on Sunday, when he had some stomach discomfort, with stinky burps and other nasty stuff coming out of another end, which led to diaper rash.  Great.  So, changing time was a joy with a wiggle worm who was screaming his head off!

Then yesterday, he was very moping, not playing, wanting to be held all day, etc.  I have NEVER seen Marco act this way.  Even with all the ear infections and little colds, he's never been knocked down.  In the past, he has always wiped his nose with his hand (all over his face and hair) and continued to play.  This is how I know he is truly sick.

Last night, he refused to eat anything, and had a very high fever.  Even after a warm bath, his fever was still 103.3!  We gave him tylenol and it broke, but was back up once the dose was up.

This morning, he continued to be ño ño with a touch of mamitis... for those of you who do not know what either of those symptoms are, let me explain:  Ño ño is when a child is whimpery, whiney and clingy.  Mamitis is when a child wants nothing but their mom... it's like saying "Mom-itis".  He has these above mentioned symptoms so bad that he made me hold him WHILE I was breastfeeding Jonas!  Picture, Marco laying on my lap and Jonas laying on top of Marco, eating.  In essence, Marco was my Boppy pillow.  So, with these symtoms at hand, plus a diaper full of diarrhea, and a fever that would not quit, we decided to head out to the pediatrician.

At the pediatrician, they took his temp and it was at 104!  Holy cow!  While I was force feeding him some tylenol, he proceded to vomit ALL over me, himself and the floor.  It was a huge mess.  Thankfully I had taken off my hoodie to make a pillow for him in the stroller, so I could just wear that instead of my sopping wet shirt.  If you notice from the picture above, Marco is sporting the robe given to him at the doctors, since his shirt was also soaked.

He was tested for the flu, and praise God, it isn't that!  But the doctor just told us to keep him hydrated, not to worry about food, let him rest and don't worry about the fever unless it's around 106.  (That seems crazy high to me, but ok).  The entire time we were at the doctors office, my needy sweet son, Jonas was screaming his head off.  The poor doctor could barely concentrate enough to give me those simple instructions.

When we got back to the house, it was CrapFest 2011.  To spare you all the gross details, lets just say, I have never picked up so much crap before in my life.  We ended up sticking Marco in the shower for 2 reasons... 1. His fever was still at 103 and 2. He could crap in there all he wanted.  But, I'm a smart one... and I decided to stick all the crapped and vomited on clothes in the washer with hot water.  I wasn't thinking that this is the very SAME water that runs to the shower.  When I got back to the bathroom, Marco was sitting in a cold shower.  Duh.  Poor baby.  We grabbed him out, proceded to try and dress him, while dodging even MORE crap, and finally, finally got him in his crib for a nap.

After experiencing having one of my children sick, I will never say that my being sick sucks again.  This is physically and emotionally draining.  My heart breaks for my little boy with each whimper he makes.

Now I'm just praying that this bypasses Jonas.  Since he's exclusively breastfed, I don't know what we'd do.  It's not like he has any weight to lose... you know, he is a whopping 7 pounds!  Please pray along with me that my family gets healthy soon, so that I can have 2 healthy and needy babies!


marcos said...

WOW ... such as Marco Nicole got sick!! poor boy! In this case, I usually (used to) give my children, apple and a soup made with chicken breast without the skin, such as potatoes, carrots and rice! milk ... beware of these cases it is a real villain! Coke is also totally without gas is indicated, but still prefer Gatorade!
I'm praying for him ... for you guys!