Movin' On Up

We've decided to move.  (Don't get excited, O-Towners and Miamians, we're only moving 3 miles down the road).  Our lease at our current appartment expires in March and we were faced with a decision... find something else or re-sign.  We were praying for God to point us in the right direction.

For a while, it felt like God was telling us to stay.  We had been looking for rental properties and the options were limited, expensive or just nasty.  Then we went into our apartments leasing office to give our 60 notice (just in case) and they informed us that rent was going to be increased this year by $150.  That week we also had a run in with our upstairs neighbor, who called the cops on us because Jonas was crying! (what a witch... with a B!).  So, we then thought maybe He wasn't telling us to stay... but there still wasn't anything else out there.

Then on Monday, a property that had been on the market, reduced their rent and became in our price range.  It's exactly what we need; $50 less than what we pay now, more space, no upstairs neighbors, a back yard and porch, and a garage!  And it's available the 1st weekend in March... which is the same weekend we'd have to move out of here.  Is this a God thing or what?!

So, this new place is a 3 story townhouse, only 3 miles from where we currently live.  On the 1st floor is a 1 car garage, and a bedroom with a bathroom, which will become my studio.  This is absolutely ideal because that way my students will only be on our 1st floor and we can have some privacy in the rest of the house.  The 2nd floor has the living room, dining room, half bath, kitchen (with an island), breakfast nook and a porch.  This is also ideal because we can now eat in the breakfast nook, which does not have carpet!  And, the dining room can become a playroom for the boys!  The 3rd floor has the master with a bathroom (with a garden tub and TWO sinks), a hall bathroom and another big bedroom.  This is ideal because the boys will be sharing a room and it is way big enough for both cribs, and will still be big enough when we turn those cribs into "big boy beds".

God is sooooo good.  I am always amazed at how He provides for us and guides us in every step.  His timing is always right.  We are truly blessed.  The only thing I'm worried about is handling all the stairs, but I know God will take care of that too.

So in the next few weeks we have a lot of packing to do to get ready for the big move.  We've got to pack tons of boxes with clothes, toys, books, knick-knacks, dishes, and whatever else I may have forgotten.  Oh yeah, and we can't forget our kids!

PS.  We are now accepting volunteers to help with the move.  Free pizza will be provided! :)


CPP said...

Congratulations on the new place! Glad to know that everything worked out in the end, especially now that you won't have neighbors (still can't believe your witch of a neighbor).

Hope to see you guys soon!