My Own Medicine

Like me, my mom was a stay-at-home-mom.  She stayed home with me until I started school.  In order for her to be able to do this, my parents had to make huge sacrifices.  She wasn't able to buy new clothes, go out or take vacations.  She had very few friends and lived away from her family.  Sound familiar?  For my first year of life, we lived in Okinawa, Japan (yes, I was born there... no, I'm not Japanese) and the next three years, we lived just outside Seattle, Washington.  

She didn't have (or take advantage of) the things I have such as MOPS, play dates, play groups, bouncing babies, etc.  Basically, we stayed home all day, and since I had no siblings, she was my playmate.  She would play with me all day long... we'd sing songs, read stories and play pretend.  When we played house, she even let me be the Mommy!  She was my best play bud! 
But sadly, this wasn't good enough for me.  I would drop her like a sack of potatoes the moment my father walked in the door.  I'd hear the door begin to open and I'd shriek in giddy delight.  I'd sprint over to him with arms open, hug him and say "My Papito lindo is home" (translation: my beautiful little Daddy is home).  My mom would always jealously say, "What am I?  Chop liver?".  Yes, she was.  I would snottingly reply, "Go away Mommy, I'm with my Papito lindo".  It didn't matter how much fun my mom and I had during the day, once my dad came home it was all about him.  (We have an audio recording of me at 2 to confirm all of this)

Now, I'm a SAHM and in a VERY similar predicament.  And I must say, I have tasted my own medicine... and it is BITTER!  

I plan every single day out so that Marco has fun.  We go to the library... for him.  We go to play dates... for him.  We go to the park... for him.  We go to the mall... for him.  I plan fun activities... for him.  I read and re-read and re-read the same books... for him.  I sing the ABC's one HUNDRED times... for him.  It's ALL about him.  And yet, the minute that door handle starts to turn, that little boy begins to shriek and jump around on his tip toes in anticipation for his dad's arms.  Marco has got Daddy love-itis and he's got it BAD.  
Honestly, I DO feel like chop-liver.  For example, today Mauricio put Marco in time out.  Marco cried and whined and when it was all said and done, he looked at ME like as if I were the one that had put him there, turned to Mauricio (his savior) and cried into his neck.  It wasn't even ME!!!  

No matter how many activities I do with Marco, I can not compete with the coolness that is Dad.  I mean, I always knew Mau was cool (I did marry him, ya know?) but this is a little over-the-top!  Sure, Mau is the one that dangles him by one foot and swings him around the living room.  If I could, I would do it too... but I'm not strong enough!  Maybe he's just too used to me... he needs the opportunity to miss me, like he misses Mau everyday while he's at work.  

Oh well, at least I still have Jonas... for now.

Sorry Mom! 


Moacyr said...

Good chop liver indeed.

Rita said...


marcos said...

Hi Nicole!!
hahaha ... it is anyway! and history repeats itself in all corners of the world! I, here in Brazil, I've done exactly the same thing! it was with my father and hero with Super ¨ Marcos · !!!!! council aunt .... let Marco with Mau and walk away, go to the hairdresser, go shopping, have fun! take advantage of the situation !!!!! hehehe ....