Daddy Love

As Marco grows older, I have noticed a small shift.  The shift is so very slight, that from the outside, you may not even see it... but I do.  He has begun to favor Dad over Mom!
A part of me is saddened by this, but only a very small part.  I knew that it would begin to happen, and that it was meant to happen.  I also knew that if it didn't happen, it would be a problem.  But I can't help wanting to be numero uno forever.  Who doesn't?!
When he was a newbie, he wanted nothing to do with Dad.  He wouldn't mind being held by him, but he would melt in my arms.  He would instantly be soothed by just my voice or a caress on the face.  Even as he got older and more independent, he would still come to me in a calling competition, or want me when he woke up startled at 3am.  It didn't hurt that I was his primary source of yummy goodness for so long... the boob is a powerful thing!
But now that he's on to more important things, like eating all kinds of foods, playing with all kinds of toys, walking around and talking (in his own language), he's also not so dependent on Mama.  Don't get me wrong, we're still best buds... we spend all day playing and laughing and cuddling... but when Papai ("dad" in Portuguese) gets home... all bets are off!
Often times, when he knows it's getting to be about that magical hour when the door opens and his Papai is standing with the sun on his back, he'll sit right by the door to wait for him.  Or, now that he's tall enough, he'll actually attempt to open the door!  He whines and cries if he leaves the room and he's left behind and he follows him around the house like a little shadow.
It's monkey-see-monkey-do at my house.  Papai takes a shower, and Marco will open the bathroom door, and jump in the shower with him... fully clothed!  Papai drinks from a cup, but not without giving Marco a sip (or ten).  Papai lays on the couch with his feet up, and Marco follows suit.  Papai picks up his guitar to play a bit, and Marco comes to strum a few chords.  Papai sits at the piano to grace us with a tune, and we hear Marco tinkering with the high notes.  It's endearing.
(of course the pic is blurry, because as most babies do... he moved right when I snapped it and I couldn't get him to do it again!)

Mauricio is an amazing husband, but I must say, he is a superb father!  No job is too stinky, too dirty, too snotty or too messy for him.  He has always changed all kinds of dirty diapers without a fight... ok, sometimes a little fight.  He does Marco's bath-time routine every night without fail... and loves doing it. I know that their relationship is so strong because Mauricio is such an awesome "hands-on" father... and I'm so blessed that he is my husband!
So, I'm ok with the shift (just keep repeating that)... after all, I don't want to raise a pair of Momma's Boys!  I know that now with #2 coming soon, I may not (rephrase: WILL NOT) have 100% of my attention to offer Marco 100% of the time... and it's comforting to know that not only is he ok with Mauricio, he's happier than a clam with him!  I am also comforted to know that Mauricio will raise my boys to be independent, wonderful, loving, selfless, God-loving men. And how can I be upset, really, when looking at the two of them together makes my heart swell and spill over every time.