Sugar Shock

Between 24-28 weeks, every pregnant woman gets the extreme pleasure of taking a test... a glucose test.  You don't have to study, but it still sucks.  For those of you who have yet to endure, let me paint you a picture.  You wake up in the morning, feeling nauseous, as usual, but instead of being able to chow down on your crackers, or cereal (or whatever you eat in the morning... chocolate cake?) you have to down... and I mean CHUG a 10 oz bottle of liquid sugar.  Oh, and try to keep it down.  No, it's not literally "liquid sugar", but pretty much.  They try to make it seem tasty by adding an orange or fruit punch flavor to it, but when you open the bottle, you can see the sugar crystalizing on the rim.  Just thinking about it is turning my stomach.

Once you get to the doctor, you have your blood drawn and they send it off to a lab to check your sugar levels.  My OB is pretty much awesome, and lets me take the bottle home so I can drink it 45 minutes prior to my appointment.  Some people have to take it upon arriving and then wait for an hour to have their blood drawn. 
So, I did all this... managed to chug the bottle, while fighting off Marco (who of course wanted a sip), went to the appointment, got stabbed in the arm and was told "If you don't hear anything in 3-4 days, you're fine".  It's the old "no news is good news" deal.  After 3-4 days, I had heard not a peep, so I figured all was well.  Not so much.

I get a call over a week later, where the nurse kindly explains to me that I have failed my first attempt at the test and have to come in immediately for a 3 hour test!  Why wasn't I informed earlier?  Well, because they misplaced my chart... of course!  Thankfully this happened while my mom was in town, so I didn't have to contain and entertain Marco for 3 hours at the OB. 
Exam #2:  I drag my butt out of bed at 7:30 and get to the OB by 8:15.  They didn't give me the drink ahead of time this round... probably didn't trust me to follow directions.  It went a little like this:
8:30- Draw blood from left arm
8:35- Chug liquid sugar
8:40- Deep breaths so as to not hurl
8:50- Read my book for a while
9:30- Draw blood from left arm AGAIN
9:35- Play suduko on my phone
10:30- Draw blood from right arm
10:35- Stare unkindly at other people's loud children... because my child never screams
11:30- Draw blood from right arm AGAIN
11:35- Finally released from misery and allowed to EAT!

So, again I got the line "If you don't hear from us in 3-4 days, you're fine"... and it's been well over a week.  Was a silly to trust them again?  Should I have called?  I'm hoping either "no news is good news" or "ignorance is bliss".  If one doesn't work, then the other should!  Either way, my next appointment is on Friday, so I'll be SURE to ask then.  That was a not-so-sweet experience.  Study up, pregnant ladies!