I've Dumped The Bump

It's true.  For those of you confused, not my baby bump... The Bump is a website for pregnant women, new mommies and moms of toddlers.  Every engaged girl has heard of The Knot... well, once you're married you graduate from The Knot to The Nest, and once you get pregnant, you scoot (or waddle) on over to The Bump.

I found The Bump when I first moved to South Carolina, in my second trimester with Marco.  Since I had quit my job, I had nothing, and I mean NOTHING to do.  Truth be told, I'm not a great house keeper (gasp!), so that didn't keep me occupied for long.  I came across this site and began to gradually become obsessed and addicted to it.  I confess, "Hi, my name is Nicole, and I'm a Bump-a-holic".  I loved being on this site.  Not only was it informative and sometimes supportive, but mostly it was snarky, and competitive. I quickly learned all the abbreviations, and there are MANY, and even had to get myself to not say them in real life (or IRL, for bumpies).
I continued to Bump all throughout my pregnancy and obsessively throughout the first 6 months of Marco's life.  It was easy back then.  While he was nursing, I'd balance the laptop between the boppy and my knees.  Oh, but then Marco learned how to reach.  So, even though he was eating, he was trying to hit the keys.  Once he was about 6 months, I could no longer Bump and feed simultaneously... but I could still Bump during nap times!  So, I did.  It was easy then... he took 3 naps a day, so although I'd Bump for a little while, I still had time to do other things.  Then he cut down on his naps.  Now, he only takes one a day... although it's sometimes 2 hours, I just don't feel that I have enough time to do all of the things I want/need to do AND spend time on The Bump.
So, needless to say, I haven't been Bumping at all lately.  It makes me sad because I really got to know some of these women.  And it's one of those things you don't want to admit, but I did make some real friends there... even though we've never actually met!  These women shared with me their beautiful (and painful) birth stories, and also felt joy over mine.  They supported me with breastfeeding questions, diaper questions, solid questions... (shall I go on?).  I became Facebook friends with many of them, and enjoy seeing pictures of their growing darlings.  They comment on my growing boy and understand the exact stage I'm going through, and feel my pain!
To all my Bumpies who are my FB friends or follow my blog, I do hope you'll forgive my long and permanent absence.  It's not you, it's me.  Maybe I'll be back one day (and then I wont know anyone on there).  For now, I'll continue to enjoy your lives through FB and your blogs.  Thank you for all of the support.  You made my first year a lot less stressful!


Champagne Mom said...

I don't miss it at all. There are some people I miss keeping in touch with, but over all, it is SO NICE not bothering with all the crap any longer.