Fraidy Cat

Three common household items Marco is now deathly afraid of:

1. My Blender
Yesterday I decided to pull it out for 2.2 so that I could blend part of my banana cake.  He stood at the gate (we have the kitchen blocked off), with a very worried face and proceded to cry the entire time it was turned on.  He kept pointing at it and shaking his head.  Mau picked him up and brought him to it and he clung to him with fierce intensity!

2. Our Vacuum Cleaner
This one is pretty funny.  He wont actually cry while it's on, but he does have a very perturbed face on the entire time.  He watches it like a hawk and points at it, as if to tell us to "put that thing away".  I have to sit on the couch and hold him while Mau vacuums.  The other day, Mau didn't put it back in the closet immediately upon finishing... instead he put it in the hall way.  Marco wanted to go into his room, but refused to pass near the vacuum.  He kept looking around the corner to see if it was still there, and eventually got so frustrated that he broke down and cried until we put it away.

3. The Air Mattress Pump
The pump doesn't come out too often, but when it does, oh boy!  Marco knows where we keep it... in the guest room closet.  He also knows not to go near it.  This one is by far the most terrifying for him. We have tried to show it to him, while off, and let him touch it.  We tell him to give it "Pow Pows" (a spanking), to show him that he's in control of it.  But once that switch is flipped, it's all over.  He literally SHAKES with fear!  Once we left it on the floor of the guest bedroom for a few days and he would walk over there and peak behind the door, to see if it was still there.  Then he'd come back over to me whining and crying.

This is all so strange and funny to us.  Our son is normally really easy going and collected.  He has no problem being alone, in the dark, left with strangers (at church, relax!), or anything else.  You may say, well he's afraid of loud noises... but that isn't really true either.  He wasn't at all phased by the loud fireworks during the 4th of July!  Just thought this was too funny not to share!


Mirella said...

That is too funny! Pobrezinho do Marco. Maybe as he gets older he's starting to realize that not everything is so safe and friendly?