The Best Rip-Off Ever

Today we went to the mall.  I am not a shopper... in fact, I loathe shopping.  So girly of me, right?  But I go to the mall because they have a pretty rad and small play area which is perfect for Marco to burn some energy.  After a full week and a half of being sick and cooped up in the house, we desperately needed to go out.

Marco usually has a blast with all the other kids, running around, jumping off the equipment, and going down the slide face first.  Today however, there was a distraction that kept him from all of his former playground shenanigans.  There was a train.  That's right, a moving, choo-choo-ing, rideable train.  Well, as any mother of a boy knows, this is the end all.  Instead of playing, Marco was standing on top of the seat next to me shouting "CHOO CHOO" every time the train would go by... so like about a thousand times (give or take).

What kind of mother would I be if I didn't let him ride?  Tell me!  So, we went to have a ride.  When I get to the "train station", turns out it costs $4 to ride... per person!  But when I looked at Marco, he was already bouncing up and down in the stroller in anticipation.  I just had to let him do it.  My little boys happiness is worth $4, right?  Of course!  So, I hauled myself over to the ATM and took out some cash to buy his train ticket.

When he got in the train car, he couldn't wait to take off.  He was moving from seat to seat, trying to decide which would be best for his trip.  He was so excited that he was on the inside, while Jonas and I were on the outside.  He's big... and he knows it!

As the train took off, he began squealing with happiness... his smile was from ear to ear.  He was so excited, he didn't know what to do with himself.  When he wasn't waving at me and laughing, he had his head out the window screaming "CHOO-CHOO"!  It was THE MOST adorable thing I have ever seen.

The train ride was a total and complete rip-off.  It only went down the short arm of the mall, made a u-turn and went back.  The ride was MAYBE 3 minutes long.  And, remember it's $4!  The only thing that makes it kinda worth it is that you get a free chick-fil-a ice-cream with the ticket... but I wouldn't give Marco ice-cream anyway, so we didn't benefit from that.  (note... I do not deprive my children of ice-cream, I just think it should be a weekend treat).  Now, since this is a new but perminant fixture at the mall, I'm going to have to remember to pack $4 whenever we go.  Just to see that face of joy and hear that laughter of excitement is WELL worth the measly $4.  This was the best rip-off ever!


Rita said...

OMG!! He's soooo cute!! I just LOVE that boy!!