What a Difference Hair Will Make

Today I was look through some photos of Marco throughout his short life.  More impressive than his growth through this time, is his HAIR growth!  I mean, I never realized what a difference hair will make on a person.  His face looks pretty much the same, but with the added hair on top, it changes his whole apperance.  Let me show you:

 Here's Marco at 7 months.  Face looks pretty much the same.  Those cheekers... those big brown eyes.  He melts my heart!  But look on top... nothing but peach fuzz.
 Here's my boy at 12 months.  This is his official "big boy car seat" picture.  At the time, I remember crying because he was "SOOO BIG".  His hair is a little longer on top, but so so thin that you see more head than anything else.

He needed a mini-hair cut at this point, because the back was long... like a mullet.  One day, we were sitting for breakfast and Mauricio snuck up behind him and chopped it off!  I was furious!  Not because I like the mullet, mind you, but because I wanted his first hair cut to be special and real... like at a place.  But, I must admit, it looked pretty good and since that was all that was needed, it didn't make too much of a difference.
 Here's my cutie pie at 15 months old.  (Don't judge me for letting him drive... it was in our complex AND he was THRILLED about it so nanny nanny boo boo)

Now, I thought THIS was a lot of hair.  And granted... that is a good amount of growth for 3 months time.  But he's still got a receding hair line (thanks Dad, for those genes).
This was Marco today.  He's 20 months old.  Now THAT's a lot of hair!

We have yet to get his official 1st hair cut, and quite honestly, I don't really want to.  I hate the look of a fresh hair cut... too dorky.  Plus, I really like his shaggy look.  Pretty sure my kids are going to be the ones with long, surfer-ish hair cuts... and why not?!  He's got the hair for it!


Heloisa said...

wow! what a difference in so little time! day after day Marco is no longer the Bebe and is becoming a beautiful boy !!!!! I hope to meet Marcus and Jonas soon!