Vacation: Last Leg

After spending a day in Miami, a day in Cocoa Beach and a day at Disney, it's safe to say we were pretty tired.  Thankfully we were able to get a little R&R at my dear friend Jennifer's house.  On that Monday morning, we woke up leisurely (so, like 8am) and lounged around Jens house, snacking on all her goodies. Her pantry is WAY more fun than mine... Recess Penut Butter Cups for breakfast? ummmm YES please!

Finally we decided to get going and enjoy our last day in our favorite city.  We drove all the way down to I-Drive to the Brazilian market, where we can get things that we just can't get here.  After enjoying a coxihna and pastel, Mau loaded up on things to take back.  He got several boxes of pao de queijo, requeijao, catupiri, linguisa and farofa.  And since we've been back home, we've made and thoroughly enjoyed some of it.

Here is our pao de queijo and requeijao... basically cheese bread with a cream cheese spread... basically, delish!

Here we have a homemade pizza with chicken, tomatos and catupiry.  Catupiry is a soft creamy cheese... mmm so good!

Once we got our fill of Brazilian goodies, we headed over to visit Tavie and Adele one last time.  We walked over to Tutti Fruitti on Park Ave and got some frozen yogurt.  Then we went back to Jens house because she had made plans for us that evening.

Since it was Marco's birthday, Jen invited a few of her co-workers with kids over for a BBQ.  There were 6 kids overall, and we all had a great time getting to know each other and pigging out on burgers and hot dogs.  Jen (co-owner of The Cupcake Boutique) decided to show off her culinary skills and bake some special Basketball Cupcakes for the birthday boy.

The next morning we woke up and got back on the road for our long trip home. It took us 8 hours, with 1 long stop at Atlanta Bread Company for some lunch.  Overall, we had a wonderful vacation and got to do everything we set out to do and more... thank you to all of our friends who went out of their way to make sure our time there was special and fun!  We love you all sooooo much and miss you every day!