Jonas and Hyde

Remember when I was constantly complaining about Jonas crying and wanting to be held?  Well, that was about 6 months ago and he was only 3 months old... that's completely forgivable.  What is NOT forgivable, is my almost NINE month old STILL constantly crying and wanting to be held!!!

Jonas is such a sweet and beautiful boy.  When he's in a good mood and happy, he fills the room with joy... we're all happy when Jonas is happy.  But, when he's in a bad mood, the exact opposite happens... when Jonas is unhappy, we're ALL unhappy.

Jonas has learned that the most effective way of getting what he wants is to scream at the top of his lungs... not cry... SCREAM!  We've tried ignoring, but he is a very persistant boy... he wont stop... no matter how long you wait it out.

His biggest complaints are that he wants to be held or that he wants more food.  He squeals the entire time he's being fed.  In the time it takes me to bring the spoon from his mouth, to the bowl and back to his mouth, he begins screaming.  Most time he hasn't even had a chance to swallow what is in his mouth, but he still wants more.  When I'm breastfeeding (no I haven't weaned) and pull him off to switch sides, he goes bonkers.

When I put him down on the floor to play, I have to move out of his line of sight.  If he can see me, he refuses to play.  He'll scream at me until I pick him up.  When we sit down for dinner, he joins us in his Bumbo chair, pulled right up to the table.  But instead of being content with this, he begins his screaming... so we either have dinner to the music of his tirade or eat with one hand. (Which is very tricky when eating pizza or burgers).

The most annoying part is that once he gets what he wants, the screaming stops immediately.  I mean, at the very same moment... no wind down cry, no sobbing or rapid breathing.  He is a light switch... from screaming to stillness in 2.2 seconds flat! Which leads me to believe that it's all a show... a big broadway show... He deserves a Tony!

This is my sweet angel baby when he's happy... 

But, it's only a matter of moments before he turns into this angry beast...

Jekyll and Hyde, anyone?