Today, we were officially BANNED from Bouncing Babies.

Ok, maybe banned is too dramatic of a word, but needless to say, we wont be returning.  You may have remembered that Marco officially graduated from BB in January.  But, walking down the graduation aisle did not stop us from walking through that door every week.  Hey, I had Jonas!  I could still get away with it!  I had talked to the teacher, Miss Leigh, and she said that because we had Jonas, it was ok to continue coming.  She has a real soft spot for Marco, since she's known him since he was 2 months old!

Today was our first day back in close to 2 months.  Marco just TOWERED over all the other children.  He was being as careful as a two year old knows how, but at one point he deliberately pushed another boy down... twice.  I repeatedly asked him to sit down, I had to put him on time out, I had to get up and get him... and Jonas was not getting very much attention, even though the class was for him!

So, I asked Miss Leigh to come sit and chat with me.  I asked her if it was time for us to discontinue Bouncing Babies.  And with a sad look on her face, she nodded her head.  She explained, in the nicest way, that Marco is just a rambunctious 2 year old... it's his personality... and it can be a little intimidating and even scary for the other children and mothers.  While other 2 year olds can handle it, Marco can not.  Honestly, I take no offense to it because I see it, clear as day.  And, I remember a time when I had a concern about the bigger kids hurting my little angelic and fragile baby Marco... those other children looked like Godzilla sized monsters.  Well, now I am the mother of a Monster... a Marco Monster.

As is with most everything, Jonas now gets the short end of the stick.  He's not going to be going to BB, but instead to Marco's class... Musical Jamboree for ages 2-4.  It makes me sad for Jonas, but I guess that's what happens with all 2nd (or 3rd) children.  They get dragged behind their older siblings.

C'est La Vie


Mrs. Fij said...

It may seem like dragging behind now but i think eventually it becomes more of a sneak peak privilege. I remember when I was little and supposed to be a daisy in girl scouts but because all my older sister and cousins were in Brownies they let me go to that class - that's just one of many examples of how I got to jump ahead thanks to by older sister and BFF cousin who was only a year older than me. I still see the frustration of right now but hopefully one day both boys will appreciate it!