I Don't Know Why

I really love writing this blog.  I have found that it has not only been a way for me to keep a log and memory of all the cute, quirky or annoying things my kids do, but has also become a release and an escape.   I really ponder over the things I am going to share with you, make plans and have "back-up-posts" planned too.

After I post, I look back on my stats page to see what kind of response I'm getting.  I get so excited when I receive comments, and truly appreciate every single one.  I have personal little silly goals of getting more hits in each month than the last.  Something that really tickled me pink; my blog received over 1000 hits in one month (June)!  The only other time it has ever been that popular was when I blogged about Jonas' birth in October... and that's completely understandable.

I love looking at who is reading.  Did you know I have readers from around the world?!  That rocks!  This week alone, I've had hits from Slovenia (had to look that one up), Belgium (Maud?), Brazil (Oi, familia), and a few others across the ocean.

My mom is always warning me about the "weirdos" on the internet.  Ha!  I have only had positive experiences from writing this blog.  I have blog-met several people and have become interested in their lives and stories as well.  I am so comforted to know that my stories are reaching others and perhaps encouraging them or just making them smile.  I am also happy to know that people around the world are praying for me and my little ones.  That's powerful!

So, the only thing that bugs me... how can I have over 1000 views in one month, and still have only 27 followers.  I don't know WHY I want followers... but I do!  So, if you enjoy reading my blog, would you please consider clicking the "follow" button to the left of your screen.  It would make my heart swell with delight!

Thanks, lovely readers!


Heloisa said...

Nicole dear !!!!!!
Sorry for the ignorance !!!!! should have been doing this for 1000 years !!!!!! I'm number 1 fan! Believe it! now I am his follower's official!
I apologize to comment on your posts because I use a translator ... and I imagine that distorted the words come to you ... but you get it?? about the feelings that arise in my heart, cause I can be up close to you out there, and always move me ... and ... make me cry .... yeah! hehehee ... I know I'm even crying, but believe me, when you write you work with our emotions!!
Now I am a follower international !!!!! cooooooooool!