The Only Lonely SAHM

Yesterday I wrote a whole post about my doubts and trusting in the Lord to guide us.  Well, this one is my largest doubt/fear.  I fear that I am going to be the only SAHM in Miami and thus be very lonely.  Sure, my weekends will be fun filled with family gatherings, parties and more food than I can stuff my face with, but what will my Monday-Friday 8-5 look like?

Living in Greenville has given me the opportunity to meet SO many SAHM's... it's ridiculous.  Actually, there are probably more SAHM's than working moms.  It's just the culture here.  Life here is also catered to SAHM's.  There are tons of clubs, groups, meet ups, parks, festivals, classes, etc that are all geared towards small children and their moms.  I always had tons to do during the work week, but my weekends were sparse.

In Miami, things are very different.  For one, the cost of living is so high that typically both parents NEED to work just to pay off their rent or mortgage.  Also, it is in Miami fashion to bite off more than you can chew, thus leaving no other choice but to have to work.  For example, newlyweds will usually buy a house and new cars thinking of both salaries combined... when baby comes along, they realize they can't lose that other salary and maintain their lifestyle.  So, they get Abuelita to help out with the baby while mom goes back to work.  This isn't always the case, but it is a lot... did I piss anyone off right now?  Oh well.  I hope I don't have to one day eat those words, but it's important for me to stay home with my kids and it's worth the sacrifice.  We do not live a lavish lifestyle... for cryin' out loud, I still drive the same car I did while in High School, mmm-ok?

But, I digress... my point is that there are few SAHM's in Miami.  My sister-in-law Christy confirmed this the other day.  She flat out told me I was going to have a hard time finding things to do during the day and people to hang out with.  Then I started thinking about it... I have a bunch of friends that have kids... but they all work.  I don't think I know ANY SAHM's in Miami.  Oh Jeez!

Maybe the only women in Miami that can afford to be SAHM's are married to doctors.  And if you are and you're reading this... you're new BFF awaits.  Seriously, especially if you wanna fly me to Paris (like in Bridesmaids).  I'm totally kidding... maybe... call me. 

So I started to do a little research.  First thing I did was try to find a local MOPS group.  I was a member here for 2 years and it was a great way to meet local SAHM's that are Christian.  Well, just to give you an example... in Greenville, there are over 5 groups to choose from.  In Miami, there is 1... ONE... UNO... that's it.  Then there's one in Miramar... one in Ft. Lauderdale... one in Boca... one in West Palm.  These are majorly big cities and they only have ONE group?!  It leads me to believe one of two things: a) There just isn't a need because there aren't many SAHM's or b) There just isn't a need because there aren't many Christians.  Oh goodness, I hope it isn't the latter.

I then went to to see if I could find a group that did play dates here and there.  I find a "Fabulous Moms Group" that meets up for mani/pedi's and cocktails... that's not what I'm looking for.  Then there's a "Lose the Baby-weight Group"... also not interested.  Then, this one I thought was funny, "Liberal Parents of Little Kids"... it literally says, "Obama-voting, and intellectually driven", you know because if you didn't vote for Obama you're a dumb@ss (not that I care even a little bit about politics, but still... seriously, how is that a kids group?).  But that still wasn't my favorite... this was, "FLASH- Florida Atheist and Secular Humanist Parents" with a picture that reads "Being a good person doesn't require God... don't believe in God? You're not alone".  Ho-Ly-Cow.  Toto, we're not in the Bible Belt anymore.

I have contacted the MOPS group in Miramar and will be joining them in September and I will continue to look at and try out a few of the less fabulous, more kid-loving groups.  Hopefully I wont be the only lonely SAHM in Miami.  I've gotta find a mommy posse.

But in all seriousness, if you're reading this and you ARE a SAHM in Miami (even if you're not married to a doctor and willing to fly me to Paris), please let me know.  You can FB me or email me at


D-L said...

Find a need and fill it darling! I can totally see you starting the conservative God fearing SAHM by choice group!