Accidents Happen

I guess it's ok for me to post this today, since it's a Friday... Friday's are flame free, so you're not allowed to judge me.  Just so you know.

Today I did something rather dumb.  Not my proudest Mama Moment.  In fact, I've been ladened with guilt all day.  Jonas fell down.

I took Marco to get a haircut today.  Being that it was only his second one ever, he was rather skittish.  Actually, that's an understatement.  He FLIPPED out.  The moment his butt landed in the barber chair, which by the way was adorable, small and blue, with a tv screen, kid music playing and puzzles, he went bonkers.  So while I'm holding Jonas, I try to ease Marco's stress.  We offer him a lollypop, even a sip from my Frappuccino (another superior parenting moment), yet nothing would calm him down.  

Here's where I made my mistake.  I put Jonas down... on a bench, sitting up.  The bench wasn't too high off the floor (like knee level), and I was "watching him" and I was "right there", what could happen?  So, I start to give Marco more of my attention, trusting Jonas to stay put.  Marco started to calm down and things were looking better.  Then it happened, so fast that I didn't even realize what happened till my little baby was face down on the floor.  He rolled forward off the bench and fell on his face.  

Well, naturally he started screaming... which in turn got Marco freaked out again and he started screaming as well.  I immediately broke out into a nervous sweat and started cursing myself, all the while checking for broken bones or bruises.  Thankfully, there were none.  

Then I'm questioning, should I go to the hospital?  What if he has a concussion?  What if something is internally wrong and I can't see it?  What if I just caused brain damage? What if he's got organ bleeding?  What if........  

But I decided to head home and keep a careful eye on him.  I'm happy to report that he's been acting normally, his eyes are not dilated and he has no redness, swelling or bruising.  God is GOOD!  

I just keep reminding myself that I'm a total dumb@ss.  This could have been avoided... if I had only brought the stroller down.  If I had only brought down the carrier.  If I had not been so bothered by Marco's melt down.  I know accidents happen, but this could have been avoided.  

To console me, my mom recalled a time she fell down the stairs with me and had to call 911.  Then my step-mom told me of a time she dropped my step-brother from the highchair and ran outside so her husband wouldn't hear the screams and know what a horrible mother she was!  Yeah, it actually does make me feel a little better... my accident wasn't nearly as bad as either of theirs! 


Anonymous said...

and props to you for writing the most eloquent acccount of what it is to truly be a real mom! you rock lady. now you know. my scariest moment as a mom was when i had zach in his baby crib and he slipped thru the mattress and the bumper pad to the ground and his face on in the carpet. i heard him and ran in and i was so grateful he didn't get caught in the middle and something worse. soo scary the things we have to deal with when the unthinkable happens. you are amazing and can't wait to see you and little man's new hair?? or did he half get it done? lol. i want to see a picture of the final result. When we took lex to get his first haircut he did the same thing. we just bought a setup and do it at home. much easier. not as nice as a prof but less stress.

Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole ....
It really is very unpleasant and scary when a toddler falls ... but I'll tell you: I doubt there is any mother in this world who has not experienced this event!!
Do you believe that Marisa fell from the cart with only 2 months old? I was very scared and called the pediatrician desperate telling what had happened ... you know what he said ????? Do not worry! MRS. DO NOT KNOW WHAT CHILDREN FALL??
Yeah!! Here in Brazil there is a saying: GOD PROTECTS CHILDREN .... and drunkards!!
So .... Thank God nothing happened! and will lead life forward!

Jennie Sibley said...

As you know I have four kids and I could give you many examples of these kind of incidents. I think the worst was when Jeremy, my now 4 year old, fell down the 4 steps that led to the concrete floor in the garage. He was about 13 months old, and the door got left open. I heard a horrible sound come from him and ran over to find him laying on the concrete floor. I picked him up and his nose was bleeding. Needless to say I freaked out and called my husband (who was in the dental chair having a procedure done) and he told me to calm down of course. I then called the pediatrician who told me to watch him. Of course he was fine. You are not a bad mom, accidents happen to all of us, and yes God is good!!