A Day at the Beach

After driving 11.5 hours and then spending all day Friday in Miami with our family, we fought through our desire to stay in bed, and instead woke up bright and early on Saturday and got back on the road for 3 more hours.  Destination, Cocoa Beach!

We were meeting our friends Ryan, Adele and Tavie on the sandy Florida beach to catch some waves and some rays.  It was our first time back to the beach in over two years and we loved every minute of it.

It was Marco's first time at the beach ever.  I had heard stories about other children not liking the feel of the sand, being afraid of the waves, or not liking the salty water... none of the above applied for my son.  He loved the sand so much, he allowed Ryan and Tavie to bury him it it!
Once he fell into the sand and came back with his hand covered.  He said, "Mama, Yuck"... and then proceded to try and lick the sand off his hand.  That was a big mistake!  He then had sand on his tongue, and in an attempt to take the sand off, he used his still sandy fingers to wipe off his tongue.  Eh, you live, you learn.

He had such a blast jumping through waves and running down the shore line.  Then he got to do the funnest thing ever... SURF!

Check out his concentration!  He was made for this stuff.


Jonas stayed with the girls under the umbrellas, sippin'  lemonade.  Next time he'll be out there right along side his big bro.  

We had such a wonderful time hanging and relaxing in the beautiful Florida sunshine.  It is one thing we truly do miss about living there.  

That evening we went out to dinner with Ryan, Amie, Tavie, Adele and Kevin to... THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY!  (Uh, where else?).  It felt like old times... except we missed Ben (of course).

Even though we were feeling the exhaustion of driving for over 16 hours (at that point) and a full day at the beach, or trip was just getting started.  Stay tuned for more adventures from TF4! :)