Today the boys had their well check-ups.  Can I just say, it is so nice going in for a WELL visit as opposed to a sick one.  No worries about vomiting, runny noses or antibiotics.  Well visits usually make me feel very proud and successful... I rock as a mom and my doctor thinks so too!

As is expected, there is always good news and not-so-good news... but no bad news.

I've known for a while now that Marco has gotten WAY big.  He just turned 2 and yet he's wearing size 3T.  He's so heavy that I can barely carry him!  This was all confirmed today when he weighed in at a whopping 29.8 lbs (70th %ile) and measuring a ginormous 37.5 in (98th %ile).  Yes, he is in fact a BIG BOY.  The doctor estimated that once fully grown, Marco will be up around 6 foot 3 inches.  My big boy will also be a big man!  Maybe he will really start thinking about a career in Ba-Sket-Ball!

The only downside to our visit was that it looks like Marco is going to need to get the tubes after all.  After writing that blog post, Mau and I discussed it and we decided to wait for his next visit (which was today) and see if he still had fluid in his ears.  Well, he does.  It's not infected, but it's still there and it shouldn't be. So, we will now make the moves necessary to have the procedure done.

My small and mighty Jonas had a good visit as well.  You know, having a premie can be discouraging at times, but I have to keep the mindset that he is NOT like other babies his age... and that's ok.  He is weighing in at 11.5 lbs (> 2 %ile) and is measuring 27.5 in (.07 %ile).  Looking at his curve can be shocking... it is SO far below the norm... BUT his curve is moving up continuously and that is all I can hope for.  In the past 2 months, he has gained 2 pounds and 2 inches... that's pretty decent!  The doctor was impressed with how active, alert and strong he is... considering his size.

We had to fill out a 9 month questionnaire that asked about motor skills and other things.  He is right on track for a few things, but falls behind on most.  The doctor and I both agreed that it's nothing to be concerned about and has 100% to do with the fact that he's a premature child.  He acts and is on track as if he had been born on his due date... so like a 7 month old.  She said that by his next visit, we should be able to check off all those boxes with no problem, and I'm sure we will too.  Other than that, Jonas is super healthy and doing great!

I'm so grateful that God has blessed me with two wonderful and healthy children.  Even though they both have had rocky starts, God has pulled us through and shattered every single doubt or fear that I held on to.  He is so good.


Heloisa said...

Nicole's true! God is so good! and you and Mauricio are to be congratulated! are wonderful and dedicated parents!
I am very proud of you!