Ok, let me start by saying that every time I say the word "preschool", I wanna bust out singing Sesame Street's "Preschool Musical".  If you have NO IDEA the awesomeness and cleverness that is Sesame Street, click here and then come back to read the rest of this post.
^^ That was random... Now to the point.

I'm beginning to look into preschool options for next fall.  Marco will be turning 2 in June and I would like him to get into a school-like, structured environment.  Yes, we're on a schedule at home, but it wont be the same.  First of all, he'll learn how to really interact with other children.  Second, he'll learn to obey someone other than Mama and Papai.  Third, he'll learn to sit for longer stretches of time and be more focused on simple tasks.

As you may have read, Marco is a very rambunctious and not-always-nice boy.  He plays rough and can sometimes be a bully.  I believe that Marco needs to be trained and tamed... and hopefully putting him in a school will help do that.

I'm also hoping that with Marco in school twice a week, I'll be able to dedicate just a bit more time to Jonas.  I'll be able to do things with him one-on-one that I wouldn't have been able to do before.  I intend on taking him to HIS age appropriate library classes and maybe even finding a playgroup with babies his age.

We are looking into Christian schools, mostly ones affiliated with a church.  We are interested in putting him in 2 days a week for half days.  So far, I've found 5 that have sparked my interest and I'll be visiting them and taking tours over the next few weeks.  I very much want him to be in a school environment that maintains a schedule and teaches things like colors, numbers, letters, etc.  I am not interested in having him go to a day care that allows for free play all day.  If we are going to be spending money, I want him to be in a Christian learning environment.

Throughout this process, I have such a hodge-podge of emotions swirling around.  I'm scared to let him go, but ready to see him advance.  I'm anxious to find the right place.  I'm nervous that there wont be any space at "the one".  I'm excited to see him all dressed up (book bag, lunch box, sneakers) and ready to go.  I'm happy that he's becoming such a "big boy".

So, Moms who have been there... any advice?
Greenville friends, any recommendations?


Heloisa said...

Dear Nicole,
Firstly, I apologize for advising you, but by
My experience as a mother of two children I can assure you that it is extremely important that Marco is joining a pre-school as well in addition to learning to live with other children, play, release energy, and meet another adult (a teacher in the case ) that act to him a voice command, which will provide him SECURITY, he also felt very happy to be able to go and return home, is a new world for him and very happy ... and as the best school .. . Nicole believe that school is one that will make you feel happy and safe when you put your feet in it and when you're looking around FEEL HAPPY!! this is a great point in the life of Marco .... happiness, childhood, learning ... and more, consider the fact that he could soon be attending this school every day! worked with me, my children have studied with Mauricio and Mirella every day ... and were very happy and healthy children ....... EVER !!!!!!
I am praying that you find the best place, our dear God is ahead of all! you know it, then! Relax!
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