8 weeks- 2 days

This week I had my first OB appointment for my new pregnancy.  We got to have an ultrasound and hear it's heart beat (174).  My calculations were incorrect, so they adjusted my due date according to the growth.  The baby measured at 8 weeks-2 days.  My due date is November 29, 2010!  Just 4 days after Thanksgiving!
So far, this pregnancy has been WAY easier than Marco's.  I have had minimal morning sickness, which was the worst the first time around.  I've had some food aversions, specifically to meats, and I've been a little extra tired.  But, the fatigue can be expected... I am chasing around an Olympic Crawler all day!
I'm starting off this pregnancy weighing 17 pounds less than I started off my first.  I'm really proud of how much weight I've been able to lose (I owe it all to breast feeding), and intend to keep a steady and healthy weight gain throughout my pregnancy.
Right now, there is a battle of names going on between my in-laws, my mom and my dad.  First off, everyone thinks this is a girl... I don't really know, but I have a hunch it's another boy.  Everyone wants us to name HER after themselves... today I've heard, "Bella Rosana", "Bella Vivian", "Ana-Mirella", "Cesarita", oh, and my personal favorite (insert dramatic eye-roll) "Luisa Georgina".  I told them that if we had to please ALL 3 mothers, we'd name it Rosavita... for Rosana, Vivian and Rita.  LOL.  It's not gonna happen, but it's fun going back and forth over it.
My next appointment is in 4 weeks, and I'll give another update after that!  Below is a pic from our ultrasound.  You see the head on the left and then the body with little arm and leg buds, followed by it's little tadpole tail.  The halo looking thing is the yolk sac, which will form into the placenta.  It's amazing to think that in just a few short months, that little creature will be my beautiful baby in my arms.  I'm in love already!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congratulations! H & H nine months!