One Nap or Two... that is the question.

Have you noticed that as a new parent, the silliest and simplest things occupy your thoughts with countless questions and thus create unnecessary anxiety?  How many oz should I feed my 2, 7, 18 month old?!  Should I rock to sleep or let him CIO (cry it out)?  How do I get all the necessary veggies into his diet?  These questions will keep you up at night, tossing and turning!
My latest question has been should Marco have one nap or two?  If it was up to me, I'd say 5 naps a day!  But, alas, it is not up to me.  I know that as he begins to move into toddlerhood, he'll be also moving into the afternoon nap schedule, but how will I know when he's there?
For the past two months or so, we've been on a schedule that is roughly 3 hours awake, 1-1.5 hours napping.  Therefore, if we are out of bed by 8:30 (because I REFUSE to get up earlier), he's napping by 11:30 and then is typically up by 1.  After that he naps again at 4 for a short one, usually less than an hour.  I know what you're thinking... THAT's A LATE NAP!  And, yes, it is... but while most babies are getting tucked in and sleeping with the angels at 7:30, my little night owl doesn't go to bed till about 9.  It's all my fault, too.  Since I work evenings, sometimes till 7:30, our night-time routine doesn't start till then... with dinner, bath, treatment (he's still on his nebulizer for his premature lung disease), nursing, bed.
But, I'm getting off the subject.  Should I push for only ONE nap?  Today I gave it a try... and I know it's only noon, but that goes to show you that I FAILED!  I tried to give him lunch before his nap, but he was rubbing his face and rejecting the food, so I just put him down.  I don't see how it'll work with him only having one nap if he's going to sleep so late!  Let's say he does have one nap, from 1-3 (God, that would be amazing)... then he's expected to be up and functionally happy from 3-9ish?  DANG, that's a long time!
Both Bea and Carol tell me that I am the one that determines nap time AND length.  They say, "if naptime is from 12-2, then baby stays in the crib for that time.  He can choose if he wants to sleep or scream, but either way, he stays in his crib until naptime is OVER".  Bea said that the baby will learn to sleep longer and get used to the schedule.  I believe her, but it's hard!
So, for now, I guess I'll keep with the 3 hours awake (or maybe push to 3.5 hours), followed by a nap.  UNLESS, any of my loyal readers have another suggestion, I'd love to hear it!


Noah's Mommy said...

Noah goes to bed @ 10 (also late)then sleeps until NOON (you read right) DH changes & dream feeds before he leaves for work but he is not actually up until noon. By 330 he is rubbing his eyes & needs to be in crib in order to be happy & then he sleeps until I wake him up which I try not to let it be later than 530-6. Once he is up, he stays up no problem until bedtime. I don't think any of this will help you (LOL) but that's our routine!