Boy, Oh Boy... We're having another BOY!

A little over a week ago, we had my BIG ultrasound.  We were estatic to learn that we are going to have another baby boy!  Naturally, we would have been "estatic" either way, but knowing it's a boy just seems right.  Marco's going to have a buddy!

So, since learning the news, we've been trying to teach Marco that he's going to have a brother.  We tell him, "Where's your brother?" and he comes over to me, lifts my shirt and puts a finger in my bellybutton.  I don't think he knows there's a baby in there... maybe he just thinks that MY bellybutton is called "brother". Regardless, it's super cute!  

Now that we know it's a boy, the first question people ask is "have you thought of names?"  NO!  Mau and I have tossed some names around, mostly just trying to annoy eachother with bogus suggestions.  He's really good at that!  Unfortunately, our parents think that they have a say in what we name our children... they are misinformed.  They were not fond of Marco, but we chose it anyway, and LOVE it!  So what if people are going to call him "Marco Polo"... there are worse things, after all.  Kids are going to find ANY excuse to make fun of other kids.  If it's not their name, it's their weight, or their height, or their lunchbox. The latest name joke is that we should name this one Paulo... you get it?  Marco and Paulo... hardy har har.  That's not happening! We just want to choose a name that WE (as in my husband and I) like and fit with our last name.  We've decided that we're not telling anyone our name options until we have DECIDED.  That way, when people object (because we know they will), we'll just say, what's done is done.  Maybe I'll get something monogramed or engraved so there's no turning back. 

During our ultrasound, we were also happy to know that everything is growing perfectly and he's measuring two days ahead.  We're expecting to have another happy and healthy boy.  

Here are some of the 3D pictures taken of his face... He's looking a little skinny, but then again, he's only half-baked.  I think he's going to look more like Mau... it's the nose.  What do you think?


Noah's Mommy said...

I agree-totally up to you guys on the name choice..everyone gave my sister such hell for wanting to name her son "Devlin" but she did it anyway & suits him well. I would never make anyone feel bad about a name they love!Good luck & congrats again.