Gender Predictions

I'm starting to feel quite anxious.  On next Friday, July 9, we will learn the sex of our new baby!  I'm so excited and I have no real "predictions".

With Marco, I was sure he was a girl... I just had a gut feeling.  Goes to show you how much I can trust my gut!  I was so surprised when they told me it was a boy... I needed them to double check.  In my mind he was a girl... 100%.  I even bought a doll, and when people would give me boy things I'd immediately want to return them.  I was so confident that it was going to be a girl.  When I found out he was in fact ALL boy, it took me a few hours to get used to the idea.  Not that I wasn't thrilled to be having a boy, but I had to wrap my head around it.  How could I have been so absolutely wrong?!  Within a few days we got really cozy with the idea of having a boy and once we picked out his name, there was no turning back.  We fell in love with him... HARD!

So, here we go again.  This time, I've tried my best to ignore my "gut", since it's so unreliable.  This pregnancy is somewhat different from Marco's, so that makes me automatically think GIRL.  But, at the same time, do I expect to have the exact same experience as I did the first time?  That's unrealistic!  Every pregnancy is different.  I am carrying higher than I did with Marco, but it's still all round belly.  With Marco, the belly started low, and I was in maternity pants at 13 weeks.  With this one, the belly starts above my belt, so here I am at 18 weeks and still wearing my normal jeans... with a belt... buckled on the tightest loop!  That makes me think that maybe it's a girl too... however, I've heard that girls are more spread out from side to side, and I am not.  I have a defined round belly, all in front.

A question everyone asks... What do you WANT it to be?  Of course we want it to be healthy, and deep down it doesn't matter what it is, but I'll answer the question, without the PC response.  We would love love LOVE to have another boy; mainly for Marco's sake.  IF I make it to my due date (and that is a BIG "if"), Marco will only be 17 months old.  It would be so wonderful for him to have a little brother, so close in age, so they can be really tight.  Of course he can be tight with a girl sibling, but honestly, it's not the same as same sex siblings.  Also, we're super cheap (lol) and have saved all of Marco's clothes and gear and would love to reuse it.

Now here's the thing, if we have another boy, then I need to get used to the idea that we may NEVER have a girl.  Am I, as a mother, ok with only having boys and never experiencing the mother/daughter bond?  Never shopping for training bras, never teaching her about her body, or talking about boys, or picking out her wedding dress, or being there when she has her babies.  Am I ok with the fact that the closest mother/daughter bond I'll have is with my daughter-in-laws?  And then of course, I'll be the intruding MOTHER-IN-LAW!! That's definitely something I'm going to have to be ok with, since it is still undetermined whether or not we will have another child after this one.

It's undetermined whether we'll have a third.  I think that if this one is a boy, we may keep the doors open because of my previous statements.  However, there is no guarantee that our third will be a girl, and THEN what?!  Four certainly is NOT an option!  Then again, if this one is a girl, we may close up shop for good.  Two versus three.  I think they're vastly different.  With two, you're playing man to man defense... with three, you're outnumbered.  With two, you can fit in a compact car... with three, you're driving a mini-van.  With two, you're ok in a 3 bedroom home... with three, you're way too tight.  The jury's still out as to what we're going to do.  I tell everyone, we'll see how it goes with two.  In any case, IF we choose to have a third, it wont be as close as Marco and #2 are.  I'm going to get an IUD so we have a good 3-5 years to put this on the back burner and think about it a bit more.  There's no rush.

Next Friday, our futures will be just a little more in shape and focused.  I'm so eager, anxious and excited to know what kind of baby will be joining us for the rest of our lives!  We know, either way, boy or girl, God's blessing have been vast and we pray that He continues to guide us in every decision we make.