Cravings Complete (almost)

Last week, I visited my family in beautiful sunny Florida!  I first went to the west coast (Naples), and then traveled to Miami.  While there, I took full advantage of all of the foods I've been missing and craving during this pregnancy.  If you read my blog, you've seen that I've been one frustrated pregnant lady!  Living and eating in Greenville are not so easy for a Cubanita.  So, while there, I did not hold back at all.
Fortunately, I didn't even have to travel to Orlando to hit up some of my favorite spots.  I did a quick search and found that these amazing establishments have moved south, to Naples, and I got my fill!  My mom took me to Crispers for lunch and I got to enjoy a wonderful Citrus Chicken Wrap.  It was so tasty and fresh... and they've added some crunchy apples to it.  I can't remember if it was there before, but it was a pleasant surprise, either way.
We also found a Tijuana Flats in Naples!  I couldn't believe it!  And, it was only a mile from my moms house!  What, whaaaaat!  I had two hugemongo tacos slathered with the yummy sweet sauce "slap my @ss and call me Sally".  Mmmm, too good.
Although all of this was amazing, it can't even compare to the delicious-ness that was in Miami.  Upon entering the city, I made my first pit stop at "the spot", Futuro Supermarket.  And yes, I had croquetas and a pastelito de queso.  Holy Cow, it was like dying and going to heaven!  Even Marco loved them... but I didn't want to share with him!  I had sooooo many croquetas and pastelitos while there, that it shouldn't be allowed.  I figured I needed to make up for lost time and empty cravings!  We had croquetas, pastelitos and tostada nearly every day while there.  And I said, "It was Good".
Now, I didn't blog about craving this next item, but I hadn't realized just how much I missed it until I had it... SUSHI!  Don't worry, I know I'm pregnant... I had the most amazing Dragon Roll (which is fully cooked with shrimp tempura).  It was so fresh and crunchy... I actually dreamt about it.  Yes, I can get sushi here in Greenville, but Mau isn't really fond of Japanese food, so I have to twist his arm a bit.  LOL.
So, now I'm back in Greenville, and I thought my craving quest was completed, but I was wrong.  Mauricio and I travelled to Charlotte, NC (on a whim) on Friday, and we took full advantage of that trip as well.  We visited the nearest Cheesecake Factory!  We shared a huge plate of Louisiana Chicken Pasta and took a Chocolate Moose Cheesecake home for dessert!   Anyone who says Cheesecake Factory is too expensive, just doesn't know how to order there.  Every plate can AND SHOULD be shared... seriously, they are ridiculously large portions!  Mau and I shared and I couldn't even finish my half.  It was oh, so good.
Overall, I'd say I was very productive during my trips.  I covered a lot of craving grounds.  I'm not completely done though... as you see I didn't even scratch the surface on Brazilian food, both salgadinho and pizza.  But, never fear, we have another trip planned at the end of June and I fully intend on completing my craving desires!