Wonderfully Made

Look at me!  Aren't I amazing?!  This body of mine can do some pretty cool stuff.  Are you ever in complete awe by God's perfect design?  I mean, really... women are the coolest super heroes EVER... we MAKE other humans!
As I sit here and type, my body is busy busy busy.  Deep inside my belly, a baby is being formed.  There are little arms sprouting from a torso, and on those arms are hands, and on those hands are fingers... and on those fingers, yup, nails!  It's incredible!  From absolutely nothing, a baby is being formed.  With God's help, all of it's organs will not only be there, but will be functional.  With God's hand, it will have distinct features, that will separate it from anyone else... including it's own sibling.  I'm flabbergasted!  Sometimes I wonder, really, how different can this baby look from Marco.  It's made by exactly the same two people.  But, when he/she comes out, we will know... no two are ever alike!
Not only am I busy forming a baby, but I'm also busy keeping a baby alive!  My body has the supreme task of feeding 2 babies!  I am going to continue to nurse Marco until #2 arrives.  I decided it would be best for my body to transition smoothly, rather than stopping and starting again only a few months later.  It blows my mind that my body knows to continue milk production for Marco while #2 is in utero.  I love it!

Now, God, if I could just make a teensy suggestion, that would be great.  These are some additions I think would be extremely beneficial to every mother.  I believe that when a woman is pregnant with their first, they should sprout an extra set of arms.  Now, this should only happen the very first time.  If not, could you imagine what Michele Duggar would look like after 19 kids (and counting)!  YIKES!  But, it would be wonderful to have just ONE extra set.  Maybe a retractable set... like Inspector Gadget... "go go gadget Mom Arms!"  If I had an extra pair of arms, I would be able to take my baby out of the car AND grab a few grocery bags.  I could eat while I feed him (that would be amazing)!  All around I think I'd be more efficient!

My last suggestion, you know, because I don't want to tell God how to do His job or anything, would be a pouch.  Yes, like a kangaroo pouch.   I've ALWAYS thought this should be an essential for ALL women, mothers or not, but now that I'm a mother, definitely!  Really, we wouldn't need to carry a purse!  That'd be great!  Kangaroo's are so cool... they can have one baby outside, one inside the pouch and one in utero all at the same time!  That sounds good to me!  Plus, what baby wouldn't want to be cozied up to their mommy like that?  Mmmmm, that just seems so yummy!  I used to wear Marco in the Moby wrap all the time, in the kangaroo hold, and it made me feel like I was pregnant again.  Only better, because I could kiss the top of his little head.

I'm not crazy, I know there would be problems with both of these additions.  First of all, with an extra pair of arms, I'd be expected to get more done around the house!  Mauricio would probably want me to cook and wash dishes SIMULTANEOUSLY!  I really don't need another reason to do extra work!   And with the pouch, let's be real.  I can't promise I wont put snacks in there!  And then what happens... crumbs!  And how in the world will I get crumbs out of my pouch?  Stand upside down?  Vacuum it?  So, in the end, I conclude that I am wonderfully made and God's plans waaaayyy surpass my own.  He has the plan, and of course, it was a perfect one!
In Psalms 139:14, David writes: "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful.  I know that full well."
After becoming a mother, experiencing the joy of pregnancy and the miracle of birth, and now having the extreme privilege of watching my son grow, I too know that full well.