What's worse than living in Greenville, SC?  Being pregnant in Greenville, SC!  For this FL girl, there are countless foods that I grew to love that are just not available here.  Sure, we've got your typical chains... Chilli's, Friday's, Ruby Tuesday's, Chipotle... but not what I want.  I am pregnant... I should be able to get what I want!  I don't think that I'll miss SC food... I can't envision myself ever saying "I wish I could get a ______ back in Greenville".  That's just not going to happen!  But, oh my, do I say it about Miami and Orlando establishments All.The.Time! So, since I can't eat what I want, I'll write about it!
If I were in Miami, the first place I'd hit up would be Futuro Supermarket.  Yes, it's a hispanic market, but also has a little cafeteria/window.   This little hole in the wall (on Miller and 137) has the BEST croquetas and pastelitos.  Seriously, the BEST!  The croquetas are crunchy on the outside and hot on the inside... mmmmmm.  And the pastelitos... so sugary and flaky.  I'm drooling.  This place is so good that my step brother, Danny, used to call it "The Spot", as in "that food really hit the spot".
Next up on my list would be a Brazilian pizzeria called Papichi.  Brazilian pizza is not like your traditional pizza.  It's made on a very thin crust, like a pita.  I always get the one with shredded chicken and catupiri sauce.  If you do not know what catupiri is, you MUST find a Brazilian store and get some.  It's like a creamy cheese sauce.  OMG, so good.  Let's put it this way, if they're out of catupiri, I will leave the restaurant.  THAT is what I want!
Then I'd cross the street to the Brazilian market, (another hole in the wall), and buy some coxinha.  Coxinha (pronounced Ko-shee-nah) is like a papa rellena but filled with shredded chicken.  I can't describe, but I love it!  I can actually get this here in Greenville, but it's super far and EXPENSIVE!  This chick that owns the Brazilian place here totally over charges.  It's BS! So, I'd rather wait and get them from Miami... they taste better too!
If I were in Orlando, I'd start my tour at Tijuana Flats.  This is my FAVORiTE Mexican place.  They have the most delish tacos and a taco salad that is amazing.  The taco salad comes with an avocado ranch dressing, that I could seriously drink from a cup!  They also have a sauce bar, that ranges from light and sweet, to so hot that you have to sign a waver to try it.  My favorite is the lightest, called "Smack my @ss and call me Sally" (I don't make this stuff up!)  Although Tijuana Flats is a chain, it hasn't made its way up to SC or down to Miami, but oh how I wish it would!
Then I'd go to Crispers... also a chain but neither in SC or Miami.  This is a wonderful soup/salad/sandwich place, kinda like Panara, but owned by Publix.  And we all know that Publix is the best ever!  There they have a Citrus Chicken Wrap that has orange slices, apple chunks and almonds with cold chicken and an amazing dressing.  It's really tasty and healthy (well, something's gotta be on this list)!
I'd then make my way to Jeremiah's Italian Ice... sing with me "Jeremiah was a BUUULLfrog"!  This is the perfect summer treat!  Once we were almost home and I looked at Mau and said, "Jeremiah's", and he made a u-turn in the middle of the street, across traffic, to go back!  Yes, it's that good!  I always get the strawberry lemonade.  Mmmm, so refreshing!
So, that's all for the exclusive restaurants, but then of course there are some very popular chains that Greenville is not a home for.  Like, Cheesecake Factory.  Come on!  This was my "go to" restaurant in Orlando.  "Where should we go?" "Cheesecake is always good!"  But, no, it's not here... the closest one is in Charlotte (1.5 hours away), and believe me, we've been tempted to make the drive.  Everything on that menu is great... I've never had something I didn't like!  But my favorite is the Louisiana Chicken Pasta.  It's a little spicy because it has peppers, but so good.
Greenville also does not have a Bahama Breeze... or as I like to call is "Bahama Breezes".  Although I don't like everything at this restaurant, they do have an appetizer that I sometimes get a hankerin' for.  It's a spicy shrimp with Cuban bread.  When you're done eating it, your whole mouth is on fire.  It's a good burn!
In conclusion, if I want to go to any fast food restaurant imaginable, I'm in the right place, but for what I want, not so much.  Luckily for me, I'll be in Naples and Miami for a week in 8 days!  So, Mom, if you're reading this... you've got some work cut out for you, because this pregnant lady is HUNGRY!