My 1st Official Mother's Day

I am a firm believer that most, nearly ALL holidays have been created to generate massive amounts of money and play off of people's emotions.  For this very reason, we celebrate only our birthday's and anniversary.  That's right... you read correctly, no Christmas, no Easter, no Halloween, and no Valentines Day (gasp!).  And no, we aren't Jehova's Witnesses.  So, pretty much we celebrate Christmas with family but do not dwell on gifts; Easter is not about the bunny who lays eggs (what?) or baskets of chocolate; Halloween is not recognized at all; Valentines Day... don't get me started on THAT Halmark Holiday!  Oh, and spare me, I already know our children are going to have horrible childhoods and will be deprived of wonderful memories... yeah, so?
But, sometimes it's hard to play by my own rules.  Call me hypocritical.  I really wanted to be recognized this Mother's Day, being that it was my first ever!  But, by recognition, I do not mean that I need a store bought present or some fabulously expensive piece of jewelry, (although, I can't lie, I wouldn't return a fabulous piece of jewelry!)  I had the PERFECT Mother's Day, in the company of my beautiful baby boy and amazing husband.
Mauricio let me sleep in till 10:30, at which time, he came in to the room with Marco and a beautiful picture frame of Marco and myself.  On the bottom it said "First Mother's Day, May 9, 2010" and he got Marco to sign it!! His FIRST signature!!  This was a complete surprise for me.  I had no idea he had put that together and I loved how thoughtful it was!
So, then I told Mauricio that I had a massive hankerin' for breakfast foods... eggs, waffles, bacon, and loads of syrup.  And, how can he say no to the pregnant mother of his child(ren) on Mother's Day?  So, we all got dressed and went in search for the best breakfast.  Unfortunately, we weren't using our heads. Greenville, 11:30 on a Sunday on Mother's Day?  GOOD LUCK!  Seriously, we drove around for an HOUR looking for a place that had less than an hour's wait.  Finally, after driving so long, Marco was cranky, so we went back home and Mauricio made me some waffles.  Hey, it was better than NO waffles!
Later on we went to Anne and Mo's house for a Mother's Day lunch, where we were with some of our friends.  We had a nice time hanging out there and got to eat a wonderful meal.  We were able to leave Marco, and go to the movies with our friends to see Iron Man 2.  Yep, I left my baby on Mother's Day!  But, we never get to go out and do "grown up things", so I didn't feel bad leaving him for a few hours.  The best part... I got to have a whole bag of popcorn... ALL to MYSELF!  How awesome!
What is the "perfect" day?  It certainly isn't driving around for an hour while hungry, or not being able to see and spend time with my OWN Mommy.  So, ok, it wasn't the text book "perfect" Mother's Day... but spending the day with my baby (minus 2 hours) and my husband... that's pretty perfect!


Nicole said...

OMG! I can't believe I forgot the BEST part... Mauricio changed ALL of Marco's diapers for the WHOLE day! I didn't have to change ONE! That right there made me wish it was Mother's Day a few MORE times a year! :)

Angie said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day.