Cuh-Cuh Monster

I have a Cookie Monster on my hands.  Well, actually its a Cuh-Cuh Monster, because he doesn't yet know how to say Cuh-KIE.  

First off, Marco adores the Cookie Monster character.  Every single time he is on TV, he begins hopping around, pointing and repeating "Cuh-Cuh... Cuh-Cuh".  Until I say, "Yeah, Marco, it's Cookie Monster".  

Secondly, Marco adores cookies.  Marco will wake up in the morning, and as soon as I walk into his room, he pops his head over his crib rail and asks, "Cuh-Cuh's?".  To which I always reply, "No, Marco, No cookies for breakfast".  Every Day. 

In the grocery store, he points to all the cookies and screams for them.  At play-dates, he'll refuse to play if other children have cookies unless he gets some too.  I'm not kidding.  This one time, Marco nearly tackled another child to get his cookies.  I was so embarrassed.  I swear I feed my kids!  

Marco has even noticed that there's a bank billboard that has a cookie in the corner of the advertisement, and every time we drive by, he jumps into his "Cuh-Cuh" tirade!  

Here he is a few months back... but even still, nothing has changed.  Look at how he stuffs his face!  That boy is crazy for Cuh-Cuh's!

oh, and he's upset because I wouldn't let him take the picture.