Where Have I Been?!

Readers, please excuse my absence!  I can't believe it has taken me this long to actually find the time to sit down and write.  I have missed blogging in these past weeks.  I have missed having an outlet for all of my crazy stories and thoughts.  But, I'm BACK, BABY!

As you may have remembered me posting a while back, we moved the first weekend in March.  It was insanity.  Mauricio had packed up the whole house and everything was in order to go, but he kept running into obstacle after obstacle.  First, it was raining.  Who moves in the rain?  We do, apparently.  Secondly, once he got to the new house with a full truck, there was no key.  The handyman was supposed to leave us the key, but he didn't.  Then when he tried calling the management company, he got a run around until somehow, someone brought him a key.  And last problem was that he had no man power.  Thankfully, some of his friends called to be sure he had help, and upon hearing he didn't, they offered their services!  YAY!

So, we moved... but then this new house was a huge mess.  Taking things up 3 floors is no picnic.  Everything was such a scattered and disorganized mess that we literally were completely overwhelmed.  We just didn't know where to begin.  Thankfully, my dad and brother came to visit that week and both worked very hard trying to help us get things in order.  Desks were built, cribs were put together, crazy heavy furniture was hauled upstairs, and little by little things began to take shape.  But then we were hit... Mauricio and I got sick.  Again.

Isn't that always the way things happen?  You're really busy, have dozens of plans, and then some sickness comes along and kicks you right in the butt!  We had had plans to go to Orlando that weekend for my best friend Jennifer's wedding.  We had plans to visit all of our Orlando peeps and spend time enjoying everyone's company after 2 years!  All of our plans were wasted.  Instead, we spent the weekend wishing someone would come take care of our kids and taking nap shifts... Mau takes care of kids while I nap, then I take care of them while he naps.  We were so dead tired and sick, that all organization was put on hold.

Mostly I have been unable to post because of our internet situation.  Although we have internet, it is connected to the wall... and I've just become too spoiled with WIFI, that I can not be sanctioned to just one chair... I need to have my options.  But alas, I will sit in that one chair and get my internet and blog fix until we get our WIFI up and running.

So now, we've been living here for 3 weeks and things are STILL not in order.  It's getting there... slowly.  As soon as our house does not resemble a farm animals den, I will post pictures.

So that's where I've been.  Did ya miss me?


Heloisa said...

Hi dear !!!!!
I hope you are better already!!
But how much emotion eh?? I get tired thinking about this change in as few as 3 floors! WOW !!!!! AS ALWAYS:'d love to help you guys, since I made ​​12 changes!! true! since we were married already moved to 12 different homes! I confess that I have great experience in the subject!! is HORRIBLE !!!!!
But CONGRATULATIONS! another hurd!

Rita said...

yes!!!! Thank You, Finally!!!
I really missed you and now you don't have ads on your blog, so post more often!! Love You and Love reading about your life. mami

Unpolished Parenting said...

Moving is tough - organizing and making it feel like home is even harder! Glad you all are feeling better!