I swear my son does NOT have ADD

We've been going to free classes at the library since Marco was 2 months old.  Our main class has been "Bouncing Babies", which consists of babies ages 0-18 months.  In this class, there is story time, with two books, songs, dancing, instruments, bubbles, finger play and free play.  It's truly an awesome class and I'm so glad that our county offers it... and for FREE!

When we started going, Marco, being only 2 months old, was completely oblivious to everything going on around him.  In fact, he was usually fast asleep before the class was over.  It was fine with me because I got to go out and meet other moms and just be out of the house (for crying out loud!).  Little by little he became more observant and started to notice the music, and then the puppets and the bubbles and the other children.  He didn't mind doing his tummy time during the class because he could watch the other children and get inspired by their mobility.

Then he started to crawl, and things began changing.  Marco is such a confident boy... he's never met a stranger.  He hugs and kisses other babies (even against their will), he goes up to every person and talks (or screams) at them, he steals the puppets from the teacher and erases her board.  I swear he thinks he owns the place.  If he could talk, he'd probably be saying "Hey guys, thanks for coming to MY bouncing babies class".  

Now that he can walk, he knows he's big.  He is taking advantage of this by being a little bit aggressive.  I'm worried that when we go back to Bouncing Babies, he'll be too rough for the little ones.  I've decided to begin trying out some of the other classes offered to see if it'll be a better fit him.

Today, we visited a new class... Mother Goose on the Loose.  It's similar to the previous class, only most of the music is sung a capella and there is no free play time (which totally bums me out).  Marco was ON FIRE today.  All of the children were sitting with or standing near their mothers... not Marco.  He was running around, trying to open doors, talking/screaming at other children, stealing diapers from my purse, etc... basically anything and everything he WASN'T supposed to do, he did.  I was drenched in sweat by the time the class was over because I was trying to contain him... it didn't go so well.  And people wonder why I have only gained 2 pounds this entire pregnancy... uhhh, chasing around a toddler, that's how!

I was kinda shocked with the way he acted in comparison with other children in his age group.  He's NOT a bad boy... but he IS incredibly active, rambunctious, fearless, social and very outspoken.  He's going to be the child that learns by doing.  He's going to be the child that does not enjoy sitting at his desk but would benefit from centers and group work.  He's going to be the child who's favorite subject is RECESS!  And that's fine with me.

Come on, you've got to admit it... this is one COOL kid!