The conversations and worries of a mother are like no other.  Normal people don't stress about the same things we do... not even dads worry the same way moms do.  This week, my worry (and topic of conversation):  POOP.  Yes, a mom will stay up at night worrying, call the doctors office and talk to anyone else that will listen about these things.  Spit up- how much is too much?  Diaper rash- where is it located exactly, does it hurt and what remedies should we use?  Boogers- what color and consistency?  And POOP.

As this is my second round, I completely expected Jonas to be a lot like Marco.  I thought it was normal for a baby to poop after each feeding.  In fact, sometimes Marco would poop in the middle of his feeding and then again at the end of it!  Even now, at 16 months, he poops AT LEAST twice a day!  He's a real pooper- (but definitely not a party-pooper)!

Since I didn't have complete access to Jonas for the first 28 days of his life (he was in the NICU), I wasn't aware of his bowel movements or regularity.  Apparently, he's not much of a pooper.  Then when I brought him home, he'd go once, maaaaybe twice a day.  But then, he stopped going.  He went on Friday, and then not again.  I started to worry... of course!

The weekend went by, nothing.  On Monday, I called the doctor and a nurse told me to put Karo syrup in his milk and if we had no results in 48 hours, to come in.  Well, we began giving him the syrup, but he was spitting up so much that we stopped.  I was thinking, if we have nothing by Wednesday, I'm going to the doctor.

Then, something great happened.  Tuesday night, 11pm.  HE POOPED!  Poor baby was struggling so much... every time he pushed, milk would shoot out of his nose!  It was kinda funny, and sad at the same time.   I was so excited, I texted my friend, "WE HAVE POOP!"  And guess what... she was excited for me too!

I don't know if anyone cares or is grossed out by this topic.  I'm sure people will "un-follow" my blog... please don't... I only have 14 followers!  But, it's been on my mind rather consistently and I thought I'd share.  If my blog is anything, it is an honest portrayal of my life as a mother... so there!


Mirella said...

I'll read your poop stories! 15 followers :-)

Heloisa said...

Hi Nicole!
Well, with my granddaughter Maria Julia this happens, and is the same! she gets to have abdominal pain and coco ... anything! 2, 3, 4 days! wha tea been improved prunes! 3 prunes boiled in 100ml water for 5 minutes and can be sweetened with Karo .. ask your doctor! worked with her since 1 month old!
I hope the translator has worked! Kkk
I am here praying for you! I think you know what a warrior! I admire you as a wife and mother!

Mrs. Soto said...

Although I may not be a follower through the blog, I do read in my google reader! (16!)

On another note, even though it may be "gross" I think it's really refreshing to hear about all the things that you don't hear about motherhood. Thanks for being so honest about your experiences.

Congrats to you and your beautiful family!

Rita said...

very funny Mija...you should write a book about your Amazing experiences! LOL!