PINspired September Link-Up

It's that time again!  Time to show off all of your amazing Pinterest inspirations for the month of September.
I must say, I've been so busy with the move and getting adjusted that I have slacked a little on my PINspirations.  But hopefully you'll enjoy the few things I did anyway.

Here we go!

Knife Rack for Cars
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

I loved this idea!  Especially since I happen to have an extra knife rack from IKEA that I ended up not using.  But apparently, we're cheap and only buy PLASTIC cars for the boys, so it did't work out.  I had never thought about it before now.  But we decided to use the rack for our keys by the door instead.  I'll pin it later because it looks pretty rad.

Fun Ways to Use Straws

I did one of these activities with Marco this week as a side homeschooling thing.  He LOVED it.  I took 3 straws and let him cut it at different sizes.  This proved to be challenging for his little hands.  Then I had some pipe-cleaner (you know those fuzzy, colorful, bendable things) and we threaded the straw pieces onto it and make bracelets.  He really enjoyed it and it was just challenging enough.  Not so much that he got frustrated, but it kept him engaged the whole time.  That was awesome!

Personalized Coffee Mugs

We did this at MOPS instead of having name tags, everyone just personalized a cup.  It worked quite well.  But, when you wash it, you have to just wash the inside of the cup and try your best not to wet the design.  Some of the ink did start to come off.  But hey, how much can you expect from something that costs a dollar to make?!

Semi-Sliced Potatoes

These were delish!  They were a little involved to make, but worth it.  The slicing takes a little while and then you have to add a small piece of garlic between each slice.  If you don't do this, then the potato wont fan out like it does in the picture and it wont get all crunchy.  They were so good and fun to eat because you peel them and eat them like chips.  Yummo!

Household Tips

From all these tips, I only did #2 when organizing my linen closet.  You put all the sheets of a set inside the pillowcase.  It's like DUH, why didn't I think of that on my own?!  But seriously... ingenious.  So organized, stacked and clean.  No more sheets tipping over!

Clean Your Dishwasher

So I did this the GE way.  What is GE?  Good Enough.  I did not get down on the floor, stick my whole body in this machine and stuff my hand in gross places to pull out who knows what.  When it comes to this, my ignorance is my bliss... I'd rather not know.  So, my half-ass way of doing this, was to run it with a cup of vinegar and then run it again with baking soda sprinkled all over.  It looks good to me.  Smells like nothing.  GE.

Well, now that I wrote it all out, it's actually a lot more than I had anticipated!  Yay me!  And now... it's YOUR turn.  Show me what has PINspired you this month.  What worked?  What was fabulous?  What was a huge waste of time?!  I want to know!!!

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Callie Nicole said...

OH, I'm going to try that dishwasher thing - lately I feel like it smells musty whenever I open it! Yuck.

He Nicole, I was thinking, have you added this link party to LinkyHere? Because you should. It's like a link party directory . . .