Like Christmas Morning

We bought a house, a month ago.
We chose paint colors and painted the whole house, a month ago.

And yet, we still haven't moved in.

We've been doing the slowest move in the history of moves.  Every Saturday, Mauricio packs up the SUV with boxes, bins and disassembled furniture and moves it into our new house.  He then unpacks said boxes and bins and reassembles the furniture.

Truth is that we haven't moved in yet because we're waiting on the roofers to redo our roof.  Our roof is as old as the house itself (1956), and needs to be repaired and brought up to code.  Thankfully even with the damaged roof, there are no interior leaks, mold or termites.

Whew, dodged a bullet there!

So we've been waiting on this roof.  Well, what's taking so long?
First there was a problem with acquiring the permit.  The county was taking it's sweet time transferring the deed into our names and we couldn't get a permit until they did so.  Once that was taken care of, and the roofer submitted the permit with the correct deed, the city rejected it because it still wasn't up to their high code.  Once the roofer resubmitted to up-to-code-permit with the correct deed, a hurricane loomed just around the corner.
And now, finally, a week after Isaac, the roofers are ready to get started!  Hopefully it'll only take them the week to get the roof done and we can maybe move in next weekend! EEEE!

But in the mean time, almost everyday, we're at the house unpacking boxes.
Boxes that have been taped up and closed for over a year now.
It feels a little like Christmas morning.

I must have a short memory because every time I open a box I say, "Oh, I forgot about that!  I love that!"  I'm not dreaming of gumdrops and candy-canes... I'm seeing frames, artwork, cute knick-knacks and more!

And as we unpack these boxes and start to find places for all of it around our house, we begin to have the realization that...

This is OUR house.

This is our HOME.

And it feels really good.


Mrs. Fij said...

Such a great feeling! As I unpacked boxes if felt so good to know i wouldn't have to move again for many years to come! Congrats!

Allie said...

Congrats mama!! I am so excited for you guys! Our lease is up in Dec and I am dreading packing but the thought of unpacking and a new place gets me all giddy!!! Congrats mama, I am so excited for you guys! xoxo

Amanda C. said...

Haha I like that picture of Isaac. Good luck with your move.

Amanda said...

Moving is so much work, but getting to work with a blank canvas and make the house YOUR home is a lot of fun! My husband moved our stuff two carloads at a time (his car and my car), so I know how you feel there! I hope everything else goes smoothly for you from here on out!