The normal person chooses the colors for their home very carefully.  They pour over design magazines, websites and stand in front of the color swatches for an hour considering combinations and hues.
I want to be normal.
But I married someone who is not.

We knew we were going to paint today... we had several people coming over to help and had bought all of the supplies.  But we hadn't poured over magazines, looked at websites or stood in front of the swatches.

Two days before, I begged Mauricio to look at a few paint magazines with me.  So he reluctantly agreed, turned over in bed and turned on the night table lamp.  So here we are, deciding on the paint colors that we'll have to look at for years to come, with minimal light, in bed, 5 minutes before we have to go to sleep.  That's normal.

Last night, we went to Home Depot and arrived only an hour before close.  We had to choose fast!  While I stood in front of the swatches, he was already ordering!  WAIT!  Can we take a second to rethink this?

To every color I offered, he would say, "yeah, sure."
And most women would be happy that their husband left the decision solely up to them, but not me.  I'm insecure... and let's face it, when it comes to decorating, Mauricio has better taste than me.  (I said it).

But eventually we chose.  And I'm praying we like it.
Here's what we got:

The Oat Cake will be the main color throughout the house.  It will be in the kitchen and hallway as well as all the non-accent walls within the living and family rooms. 

The Cinnamon Spice will be the accent wall within the family room... the wall where the TV will be.

The Pumpkin Toast will be the accent wall on the largest wall in the house that connects the entrance/living room through to the dining room and over the hallway. 

Boys' Bedroom:
The Quiet Storm will sit on the bottom half and the Pecan Sandie on the top.  We haven't decided if we'll use a chair rail a wallpaper or another paint color stripe to separate.  We'll have to wait and see.

Master Bedroom:
The Manhattan Mist will be on 3 of the walls and the Distant Thunder will be the accent wall behind the TV.  We have an offset window behind our bed, so that whole wall will pretty much be covered with curtains.  I need to find a nice patterned curtain that will pair nicely. 

Stay tuned for the finished result.  Pictures to come!


Mrs. Fij said...

Love the colors, great choices! Being married to an artist makes picking paint choices a more drawn out process but still not fun once he starts talking saturated and de-saturated colors . . . sigh, I've resolved to picking out the main color then he chooses the final hue. LOL the best part is when its all done and you can sit back and enjoy the space!

Baylee said...

I really, really love the brown color! I found your blog through the blog hop and I'm stoked. My fiance and I are moving next week to our very first, very own home and just this mornign we were talking about paint. I never really thought about browns. But now I"m really loving that for a living room...