Words With Jonas

Jonas is 21 months now, and at an age where learning language is a constant activity.  Marco really started picking up his speech at 21 months and now Jonas is too.  Only difference is that while Marco is a chatter box, Jonas is a man of few words.

So when we're practicing our words, I first go and give him a turn... like this:

Suco (juice)?... Cucu!
Chips?... Pips!
Please?... Peeeees!
Thank you?... Annyuuu!
Leiti (milk)?... Aytee!
Agua?... Wawa!

Mama?... Mama!
Papai?... Papai!
Daddy?... Daddy!

Marco?... CACA!!!!

Ok... now the rest of the words make sense... I can see how "wawa"= "agua".  But really?!  How does "Marco" sound anything at all like "caca"?

Mauricio thinks he says it on purpose because he always has a sneaky smile on his face when he says it... but I can't believe that my sweet baby would be such a prankster towards his big bro at this young age!

So Marco's nickname is "Caca".
I just hope it doesn't stick!

I call my brother "Caca"... and there's nothing you can do about it!


Erin said...

My daughter calls her cousin Micah "caca"...we spell it "Cuh-cuh" :) I guess little ears just her what they hear!