Dentist Disaster!

Yesterday I took the boys for their bi-annual dentist appointment.  I've been taking each of them since they were 1 year old.  Some people (my family) think I'm silly for taking them at this age... "well, you didn't go till you were 8" (gross).  But I take them for 2 very important reasons:
1.  I want it to be normal... and thus not scary.  It's a part of life.  Of healthy hygiene.  And they HAVE to do it... like it or not!
2.  The insurance covers it 100%.  We don't even have to pay a copay when we go.  So why wouldn't I take advantage of something that is FREE... or something we're already paying for anyway, whether we go or not.

So we went yesterday.  It was Marco's 4th time and Jonas' 2nd.  But it was a disaster.  It is not yet "normal" for them.

You would think that they were in the back with Iranian torturers as their dentist!  The blood curdling screams were resonating down the hallway.

And all they did was brush their teeth.  With a tooth brush... not an ice pick!

For Marco, they brushed his teeth with the polish, then flossed and last put on floride.
For Jonas they only brushed with polish.

But the screams!  The tears!  The shakes!  The sobs!  It was frightful!

When we finally got in the car, they were both so physically exhausted and drained from their fighting that they were silent and mushy.

This isn't going to change anything... they're still going.

I'm just happy we have a whole 6 months before then!


Safety Products said...

its good to hear this story from you as i like the way you written your post ...keep it up good job !!

Callie Nicole said...

Pah, that is so funny! Not funny, funny, because it's sad they were so scared, but funny to me because I have lots of little patients like that. :-) I'm sure the dental staff were used to it! I hope next time goes better.

Leslie said...

I've been taking Anna to the dentist since she was less than a year old for the exact same reasons. My husband HATES going and I don't want her to be scared. But don't feel bad - she screams bloody murder, too! The dentist told me that it's actually easier for them when they scream since that way their mouths are open! Just think of all the money you'll be saving down the road when your boys have good dental habits!!

Danielle-Marie said...

This is exactly why I DON'T have the balls to take my kids to the dentist. Also free. You're one brave lady.