Jonas Turns TWO!

Today my little baby boy turns TWO!

That blows my mind.

My little premie.  My 3 pounder.  My clingy one.  My sentimental one.  My sneaky one.  Today, he turns two!

You can read Jonas' birth story here.
And you can see his 1 year post here.

If you've been following along here, you know that the first year of Jonas' life was not easy at all.  On top of being 2 months early, being in the NICU for a month, needing a heart monitor for another month, and having colic for 3 horrible months, being #2 is a challenge all on it's own.  Jonas had to live his first year of life in fear of having fingers poked in the eye, fingers stepped on and bodies squished by his big bro Marco.

His second year of life was sooooo much easier.  He was happy.  He thrived.  He learned.  He got in trouble.  He could finally keep up!

Jonas can say sooooo many things now and he's putting sentences together.  When you ask him how old he is, he shouts, "DOOO" and puts up his thumb and index finger.  He loves running and screaming and throwing all of his bedding out of his crib in the mornings.  He gives us a hard time with eating "real food" but would take milk and cookies any day.  He is not afraid to get dirty and we definitely think he's gonna be our "gross kid"... everyone's got one.  He's fun loving and sweet, he gives hugs and loves snuggling close on the couch.  His favorite thing to play with is my iPhone... hence why it's all cracked, and he'd rather run around with a remote than play with any of his toys.  

This boy.  Our Jonas.  We couldn't imagine life without him.  He fills our life with joy. And we are so blessed to have had him around for "DOOO" years already! 

Happy birthday baby boy!


Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Jonas!

Mrs. Mommy said...

Aww cute! Happy birthday Jonas!