My Baby is ONE!

My baby Jonas is one!  One year ago today, at 11:24 am he was pulled out of my opened belly, ticked off and screaming.  It was the best sound I had ever heard!  He weighed 3 pounds 7 oz.  He was quickly rushed to the NICU and there he remained for 28 days.

We fell in love with him quickly, although I'm not so sure how he felt about us.  He punished us for bringing him into the world so early.  Colic was quite possibly one of the most annoying things we've ever battled.  He wouldn't crack a smile for over 15 weeks... it was all work and NO play.

But then, after about 3 months of waiting... just like that, his personality began to develop.

And what a cute and sweet personality it has been!  Jonas, my cuddler, my sweet baby, my sensitive one.  

He loves being held.  He loves pushing his face up to mine to get his kisses.  He becomes emotional when you walk away from him.  He puts his hand in my mouth while he's being cradled.  He thinks Marco is cool and funny.

And now, he's one.  He can say "Mama", "Papai" and "Tete".  He tries to imitate singing, "Ba, ba, ba" and dances to all kinds of music.  He can clap.  He can find his head.  He can give me his paci when I ask for it.  He spits out his water because he knows it'll make Marco laugh. He's playful and sweet and silly. 

Within a month or so, I will no longer have a baby.  He will soon move into the next stage of his life... toddlerhood... and drive me a little crazy.  But he'll always be My Little Baby Jonas to me. 


Shawna said...

Happy Birthday to Jonas! :-)


Heloisa said...

And of course I'm crying .....
I pray to God that you are very happy Jonas, my dear great-nephew!
Just to think that I'll meet you here 9 days ..... and Marco ...
God is good!!

Mrs. Mommy said...

Happy birthday Jonas! I absolutely love the picture with the tie shirt. So adorable :)